Business Profile: 3SG Inc.

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Name of the company: 3SG Inc.

Established: October 2001

Location: 3709 Spenard Road, Suite B101, Anchorage, AK 99501

Telephone: 907-929-4374

Web site:

E-mail: [email protected]

Major focus of services: 3SG Inc. provides Internet and network security services as a monthly subscription for companies. A hardware device from the company provides protection from Internet hackers, and the company also uses software to thwart computer viruses and filter Internet access based on various specifications. 3SG also can design virtual private networks and develop security policies for companies.

History of the company: 3SG owners Justin Burgess and Brian Evans met while working at General Communication Inc. Three years ago Evans considered a business idea to provide information technology services for small- and medium-sized businesses that typically could not afford to employ an IT professional. He and Burgess decided providing security services would be the best avenue for a new business.

After drumming up financing from investors, Burgess and Evans opened 3SG on Oct. 1. Burgess spent six months developing a customized management platform and fine-tuning software programs for the company’s service offerings. Although similar companies operate in the Lower 48, the two Alaskans say 3SG is the only such company in the state offering this type of outsourced security services.

3SG has clients ranging from a network with three computers to another with 1,200 computers. Burgess and Evans handle much of the work but also employ part-time subcontractors for installations.

Top accomplishment of the company: The business partners are pleased that financial performance should break even this summer, ahead of their business plan that listed that milestone after one year. Projects also have been important like starting service for its largest customer and providing a virtual private network between Anchorage, Kenai, Edmonton, Alberta and Houston, Texas. Burgess and Evans also relish operating their own business. "I enjoyed GCI, but this is my own," Evans said.

Major players: Justin Burgess and Brian Evans, owners, 3SG Inc.

Burgess moved to Alaska in 1995 and has worked for the North Slope Borough, GCI and Ilisagvik College in Barrow. He has 10 years experience in Internet security and holds several industry certifications. Evans was born and raised in Anchorage. He worked for eight years as an account manager at the Odom Corp. and five years at GCI as senior commercial accounts manager.

-- Nancy Pounds

06/16/2002 - 8:00pm