Business Profile: Taco Loco Products Inc.

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Name of the company: Taco Loco Products Inc.

Established: 1977

Location: 600 W. International Airport Road, Anchorage

Telephone: 907-561-1648

Major focus of services: Taco Loco Products Inc. manufactures corn and flour tortillas, taco shells and corn chips. The company also operates a Hispanic grocery store.

History of the company: Adan and Cecilia Galindo purchased the company in 1977.

The company began making corn chips in the late 1970s and added flour tortillas in the 1980s. "I was the first one to make the round chips," said Adan Galindo, who also handled deliveries in the early days of the business.

The Galindos operated the company initially from the back of Castleton’s Classic Photography in Mountain View. The company next moved to a Midtown Anchorage location before building its current facility in 1984.

Taco Loco Products are available at most grocery stores. The company also supplies many Mexican restaurants in Anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna area. Taco Loco also distributes its products in Kenai and Fairbanks.

The company employs 15 full-time workers.

Top accomplishment of the company: "For me the biggest accomplishment is being in business 25 years," said Anabel Galindo, who now manages the company. "We’re the only tortilla factory in town. I see a lot of room for growth." Past growth has stemmed from customers who favor Alaska-made products as well as the taste of Taco Loco’s goods, she said. "I get a lot of compliments on our products."

Major players: Adan Galindo, president, and Anabel Galindo, manager, Taco Loco Products Inc.

In the late 1960s Adan Galindo moved to Alaska where he served as a construction worker on the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. When his wife, Cecilia Galindo, and children moved to Alaska in 1969, she took a job making corn tortillas at an Anchorage factory. During time off from his job, Adan Galindo helped fix machines at the factory. About five years later the couple bought the tortilla factory, which also produced taco shells. Anabel Galindo grew up working in the family business and learned bookkeeping before she entered high school. By 21 she was handling all Taco Loco’s bookkeeping, a task she continued on a part-time basis for eight years while she worked another job. In 1995 she returned to full-time work at Taco Loco.

-- Nancy Pounds

01/13/2002 - 8:00pm