First National Bank Alaska, state OK credit card deal

PHOTO/James MacPherson/AJOC
The State of Alaska signed a six-year contract with First National Bank Alaska to provide credit card services for state agencies. The contract consolidates purchasing capability for goods, services and travel into the One Card Alaska program.

Implementation work will begin immediately, with state agencies beginning conversion in March, travel and procurement functions converting before fall, and fleet functions following.

Services under the contract are available to all three branches of government and the University of Alaska.

First National Bank will eventually provide fleet services under the One Card Alaska program. Gene Darling, manager of the statewide equipment fleet in the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, foresees operational efficiencies as well.

"The One Card Alaska program will replace our branded fuel cards which limit our purchasing options. It will allow all Alaskan service stations the opportunity to sell fuel for state vehicles," he said.

The structure of the credit card industry yields contract terms that benefit both parties. Card services under the contract are anticipated to cost the state nothing, yet First National Bank benefits from the transaction volume.

01/06/2002 - 8:00pm