Morris donates Klatt land

MMC Radio LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Journal parent company Morris Communications Corp., has donated a conservation easement to the Great Land Trust to permanently preserve 17 acres of the Klatt Bog in Anchorage.

The easement, donated to the nonprofit land conservation organization serving Southcentral Alaska, is located just south of the Minnesota Drive-O’Malley Road curve and is adjacent to municipal ballfields currently under development. It is part of a 21-acre parcel containing a radio station and two radio transmission towers.

"Conserving this land is very helpful for the long-term health of the Klatt Bog wetland complex," said Beth Silverberg, executive director of the Great Land Trust. "This deal protects open space and provided important habitat for the animals that people in Anchorage enjoy seeing, particularly moose and birds."

The Anchorage Wetland Management Plan identified the 17 acres as high-quality "B" class wetlands for conservation and to provide wildlife habitat for numerous species including fox, moose, birds, waterfowl and birds of prey. The acreage is considered an integral part of the larger Klatt Bog wetlands complex.

During the public process and drafting of Anchorage 2000, the Anchorage Comprehensive plan, the public identified the area for the Great Land Trust as a high priority for conservation.

Morris Communications is a privately-held media company based in Augusta, Ga. The company’s holdings include newspaper and magazine publishing, outdoor advertising, radio broadcasting, book publishing and distribution, and computer services.

11/11/2001 - 8:00pm