10 questions to test your Southcentral real estate knowledge

Take this quiz and see how you score. You just might be surprised at some of the answers.

1. How does commercial and residential building activity in the Municipality of Anchorage, or MOA, through May 2015 compare to 2014? Consider government and commercial alteration as well as new permits.

a. Increase by 5 percent  

b. Decrease by 11.34 percent

c. Decrease by 22.68 percent 

d. No change

2. Under a best-case scenario, approximately how long does it take for a property to be rezoned in the MOA?

a. 3 years 

b. 2 years  

c. 1 year

d. Six months   

3. How many elevator permits, including commercial and residential, have been issued year-to-date?

a. 4

b. 24

c. 44

d. None

4. How many single family building permits have been issued year-to-date?

a. 307

b. 207

c. 107

d. 87

5. Last week there were how many single family homes in all price ranges for sale in Anchorage?

a. 780

b. 680

c. 580

d. 480

6. Wasilla had how many homes for sale during the same period?

a. 192

b. 292

c. 392

d. 492

7. In May the average price of a sold single family home in Anchorage was $390,484. How does that value compare historically to the market?

a. About the same as 2014  

b. A little below the market

c. The highest average price         on record

d. Trick question

8. How many $1 million-plus homes are for sale in Anchorage?

a. 12      

b. 22

c. 32

d. 42

9. How many $1 million plus homes sell per month?

a. 0.5

b. 1

c. 1.5

d. 2

10. What is the average price of a condo for sale in Anchorage?

a. $150,000 

b. $175,000  

c. $200,000  

d. $250,000

The correct answer to each is “c.”

Connie Yoshimura is the broker/owner of Dwell Realty. Contact her at 907-646-3670 or [email protected].

11/20/2016 - 4:29pm