AJOC EDITORIAL: Dems hooked on OPM — Other People's Money

Democrats, whether at the state or national level, have a problem: they are addicted to OPM, otherwise known as Other People’s Money.

Whether it is whining about private organizations and individuals who choose to spend their money engaging in the political process, or attempting to use the force of the government to extract punitive taxes from industries they don’t like while pouring subsidies into those they do, Democrats have appointed themselves as the ultimate arbiters of the best ways to spend OPM.

They have no problem using OPM to pay for something they agree with such as abortion, but are fiercely adamant that none of OPM can be used for something they don’t agree with such as allowing parents to make a choice about where their children go to school.  OPM for me, not for thee, is their motto.

If the Koch Bros. want to spend some of their money on political ads, that’s bad. But the Democrats suddenly discovered a value for the Koch Bros. by demanding they keep open the Flint Hills refinery.

Look beyond Flint Hills to the North Slope to see further evidence of this. To Democrats, it doesn’t matter how much they tax or demonize the producers, the companies should shut up and take it and keep spending money even though the state and feds took $2 of every $3 they made under the  tax system the Democrats want reinstated.

To the Democrats, the oil producers spending $2 billion on the Slope isn’t nearly as much fun as them getting to spend $2 billion in Juneau. The producers are trying to expand their business. Democrats want to expand the government.

Democrats also love Outside OPM if it is supporting them; not a big fan when it’s spent against them. Despite their incessant caterwauling about Outside money being spent against Sen. Mark Begich, they hope no one will notice that an Alaska-based company (GCI) doesn’t show up until No. 14 among the employers of his top 20 contributors, according to The Center for Responsive Politics. In fact, small individual donors make up just 4 percent of the $5.6 million Begich has raised from 2009 to 2014.

Beyond the shameless hypocrisy, the greatest proof of the Democrats’ unhealthy addiction to OPM is the lack of results it has produced going back to the Great Depression.

FDR’s policies did not end the Depression, LBJ’s policies have hardly ended the War on Poverty, and the 2009 “stimulus” act produced the worst economic recovery since World War II. It’s a “recovery” that nearly three-quarters of Americans still call a recession, that has seen record numbers added to the food stamp, disability and unemployment rolls, and that would have a jobless rate of nearly 11 percent if the labor participation rate was the same as in 2009.

Not that it matters to Democrats.

They just want another hit of OPM.

02/26/2014 - 12:01pm