Cruise line CEO credits state in Alaska decision

JUNEAU (AP) — Norwegian Cruise Line's CEO is partially crediting action by the state of Alaska for the decision to bring another cruise ship to the state in 2013.

Kevin Sheehan says the timing for adding another ship felt right, given what he called "strides" by state government, and the continued popularity of Alaska as a cruise destination.

The Legislature last year passed legislation cutting the passenger head tax from $46 to $34.50 and allowing deeper offsets for ships stopping in at least one of two ports. The measure, pushed by the Parnell administration, was hailed as a way to settle an industry lawsuit over the tax and attract more ships and tourists.

Norwegian has two ships scheduled for Alaska next year and three in 2013, the most it's had here since 2009.

12/07/2011 - 9:10am