Movers and Shakers for March 8

The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association hired Lilani Dunn, former head of marketing at Orca Bay Seafoods, as marketing director. Dunn joined Orca Bay Seafoods in 2015, helping the brand to be named among the top 20 seafood brands in 2016. Her roles included leading their foodservice, retail, and direct sales marketing efforts. Additionally, Dunn led Orca Bay’s public relations and philanthropic efforts. Dunn brings extensive seafood marketing experience having also previously worked for the retail and foodservice marketing programs at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. Additionally, Dunn is the current vice chair of ASMI’s Domestic Marketing Committee and sits on the board of the Northwest Fisheries Association.

Blueprint Alaska hired Tony Spiroski as a junior account executive. Spiroski has a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies with focuses in sustainability and design and humanities from the University of Oregon. He has five years of experience working as a marketing and communications manager in Alaska’s travel and tourism industry. He currently serves on the executive boards of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professional Group, Alaska Young Republicans, and the Alaska Travel Industry Association’s Anchorage Chapter.

03/04/2020 - 9:18am