INSIDE REAL ESTATE: Test your knowledge of the Southcentral real estate market

1. Has the average sales price of Anchorage homes increased or decreased year-to-date when compared to the 2015 average price?

2. By what percentage has this increase or decrease occurred?

3. Has the number of residential sales for the first four months of 2016 increased or decreased when compared to the same time last year?

4. How many home sales have occurred in the first four months of 2016 as reported in MLS?

5. In the last six months, how many million-dollar homes listed in MLS have sold?

6. What price range has the highest percentage of inventory?

7. How negotiable do most sellers have to be in order to sell their home?  In other words, what is the percentage sales to original list price the past six months?

8. What is the average sales price of an Eagle River single family home and is that higher or lower than Anchorage?

9. How many homes priced over $749,999 are for sale in Eagle River vs. Anchorage?

10. What is the average sales price of an Anchorage condo?

11. How many condos are for sale in this price range?

12. How many condos are for sale over $400,000?

13. Have Anchorage residential building permits increased or decreased YTD when compared to last year?

14. What is the average listed price for a home in the Mat-Su Borough?

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1. Decreased       

2. 2.5%, wiping away the 2015 appreciation rate of 2.27%      

3. Minimally decreased. 52 fewer home sales      

4. 722

5. None

6. $500,000 to $749,999, 21% of all MLS Anchorage inventory      

7. 4.33% less than original list price.      

8. $362,688, almost identical to Anchorage’s at $360,978       

9. 4 in Eagle River; 75 in Anchorage      

10. $213,070

11. 29

12. 33

13. Decreased.  Still waiting for the MOA to post April and May permit info but rough data indicates a continued decrease in activity   

14. $284,400



06/08/2016 - 3:19pm