Walker shakes up AGDC board again, adds Hopkins, Luiken

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker, who replaced two members of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. board of directors shortly after taking office this past January, has shaken up the board again by dismissing board Chair John Burns and swapping one of his cabinet appointments.

Walker replaced Burns with former Fairbanks Mayor Luke Hopkins, who served on the board of directors of the Alaska Gasline Port Authority, which Walker led and represented as general counsel since its creation in 1999.

The move comes a day before the AGDC board is to meet in Anchorage to finalize the state’s buy out of TransCanada’s interest in the Alaska LNG Project, the $45-$65 billion gas project in which the state is partnering with the three major North Slope producers ExxonMobil, BP and ConocoPhillips.

“As the state transitions to play a larger role in the Alaska LNG project, it is absolutely critical that we have strong leadership in place to guide our endeavors,” Walker said in a statement. “I also plan to work on direct communication between the Governor’s office and the legislature, and I will continue to look for opportunities to include them in discussions about the project. I look forward to working with the AGDC Board and the legislature in the coming months and years as we work to bring Alaska’s natural gas to the world market.”

It’s the second appointment Walker has made to the board with ties to the AGPA. Rick Halford of Dillingham, who worked as a lobbyist in 2005 for AGPA and was paid more than $100,000 by the entity, was appointed to the board in January.

Two days before a scheduled AGDC board meeting in January, the governor dismissed former state legislator Drue Pearce, Al Bolea, a retired BP manager, and Richard Ranibow, a former ExxonMobil pipeline project manager, from the board.

Walker replaced them with Halford, Joe Paskvan of Fairbanks and Hugh Short of Anchorage. Halford and Short were confirmed by the Legislature while Paskvan, who served in the state Senate from 2009-12, was rejected.

At the time Walker said he wanted a transparent board and ordered new members from his administration — Department of Labor Commissioner Heidi Drygas, and Acting Commerce Commissioner Fred Parady — not to sign confidentiality agreements. He retained public members Dave Cruz, owner of Cruz Construction Inc., and Burns.

Walker eventually appointed Chris Hladick as Commerce Commissioner, replacing Parady, and has now replaced him with Department of Transportation Commissioner Marc Luiken.

Walker has loaded the AGDC board and his staff with former associates from the Alaska Gasline Port Authority, which was formed to build, or cause to be built, an Alaska gasline.

Among Walker’s staff are former AGPA Executive Director Jim Whitaker, now Walker’s chief of staff; former law partner and current Attorney General Craig Richards; Halford; and former authority consultants Rigdon Boykin and Radoslav Shipkoff.

Boykin and Shipkoff have drawn attention for contracts paying them more than $100,000 per month, and Boykin, who was the third lead negotiator Walker has chosen in less than a year in office, was recently sent home to South Carolina by Walker for time off. Walker has since said he’d like to find another role for Boykin in the project.

The seven-member board also includes Joey Merrick of Anchorage and Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Heidi Drygas.

11/20/2015 - 3:54pm