Sorry, no second year for these TV attorneys

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The lawyer characters on the NBC television show "First Years" will never grow up to be "Second Years" because the program has been canceled. Before "First Years" went off the air, however, the American Lawyers Public Image Association complained that the show contained too much lawyer bashing.

NBC did not exactly take this criticism to heart. It aired a promo for "First Years" that noted the ALPIA had found the show, which focused on the lives of five first-year law firm associates, "offensive to lawyers." The promo then said, "That’s a reason to watch."

Associate survey

The January issue of American Lawyer magazine recently did a piece on Silicon Valley associates, their lifestyles and the immense amount of responsibility they are given.

One of the featured attorneys was Julie Fresse, a second-year attorney who, according to the article, is "running her own deals, has lots of client contact and deals directly with partners and with opposing counsel, some of whom were quite senior. ..." The article featured a photo of Fresse standing on a dock dressed in shorts and talking on a cell phone.

Fast forward three months, and Fresse is in the news again. It seems that she resigned from her law firm the same month the magazine article appeared because a friend of hers made more than $400,000 after he learned privileged information about a corporate merger Fresse’s firm was handling. The friend told investigators that Fresse had let slip the information. He later recanted that statement.

Dial "A" for attorneys

Personal injury lawyers in Connecticut are competitive -- even when it comes to listings in the Yellow Pages. A lawsuit filed against Southern New England Telecommunications Corp. alleges that lawyers are being allowed to list themselves in the telephone directory out of alphabetical order.

The lawsuit cites the case of personal injury lawyer John Haymond who, instead of being listed back there with the H’s where a potential clients’ fingers may never walk, is listed under the As -- under "Affordable Legal Services."

Haymond’s name, however, appears after that of a lawyer who lists himself as "AAAAA" for "Accident Attorneys Always Affordably Available."

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05/05/2001 - 8:00pm