Birchwood's Arctic Sparrow new Antares ultralight distributor

PHOTO/Danny Daniels/AJOC
Arctic Sparrow Aircraft Inc. of Birchwood Airport in Chugiak recently announced that it will reassume the North American distributorship for the Antares ultralight aircraft, and will offer the aircraft both as a legal Part 103 air vehicle and as a 51 percent homebuilt kit.

Part 103 refers to Federal Aviation Administration rules governing ultralight aircraft.

"We want to make these aircraft for the U.S. and Canada," said Mike Jacober, president of Arctic Sparrow.

Arctic Sparrow is an ultralight service center and flight school. The company also manufactures skis for ultralight and experimental aircraft, and mixture controls for two cycle engines. Arctic Sparrow recently re-assumed the dealership from Sergei Zozulia, proprietor of Antares Ltd. of Zoporizhe, Ukraine.

Arctic Sparrow turned the dealership over to Leading Edge Airfoils Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colo. in 1996.

Zozulia and Jacober will offer the Antares MA-33 both as complete two-place Part 103 aircraft and as a 51 percent home built plane that can be registered with the FAA as an experimental amateur-built glider, or experimental amateur-built airplane.

"This should work perfectly," said Zozulia. "We are very experienced at building and flying these ultralights."

The Antares is offered with several wing options from Aeros Ltd. of Kiev, Ukraine; all will be 51 percent kits or can be ready to fly. The Antares, both in kit form and as complete units, can be fitted with either the Rotax 503 52-horsepower or 582 64-horsepower two-cycle engines.

Complete kits with engines start at $12,000, with additional accessories also available. The Arctic Sparrow ultralight kits can cost as much as $18,000, and can be built in approximately 100-200 hours. These kits can be built as FAA experimental amateur-built airplanes or experimental amateur-built gliders.

Zozulia and Jacober met in 1992 in the northern Alaska community of Wales after a group of seven Russians, Ukrainians and Czechs touched down there after crossing the Bering Strait with ultralights.

02/24/2001 - 8:00pm