Final regs allow Outside investment, marijuana cafes

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board accepted its final draft of the regulations that will govern the new industry, legalized by Ballot Measure 2 in November 2014.

The new cannabis industry regulations include a concession to marijuana clubs that still leaves a hazy legal area to be challenged later, a ban on Outside investment, revisions to concentration limits, allowances for retail operations and limited cultivator licenses, and clarifications to packaging requirements.

Felony cannabis cases scheduled for trial in early 2016

The State of Alaska is charging four individuals with multiple felonies after each of their cannabis operations fell to Anchorage Police Department undercover work and ensuing raids. Trials won’t be held until January and pretrial hearings will be held in November and December.

Rocky Burns, Larry Stamper, Michael Crites, and Charlene Egbe are each alleged by the state to have been operating illicit marijuana businesses in 2015, and were indicted in September.

Alaska a destination for cannabis tourists

Tourist dollars are coming, and it’s up to the Legislature and the Marijuana Control Board to maximize how many Outside greenbacks the Alaska “green rush” will rake in.

With nearly 2 million visitors per year dropping $941 per person per visit, Alaska’s $2.42 billion dollar tourism industry could be a vast revenue pool for the marijuana industry and its accompanying taxes, but draft regulations could create hurdles unless changed.

Limits on investment, clubs, potency among draft pot regs

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board released its first draft of regulation proposals for public comment on Oct. 5, speeding towards its Nov. 24 deadline.

The public will have the opportunity to provide written comments on the first regulatory draft beginning Oct. 11, and have the opportunity for public comment at the board’s Anchorage meeting Oct. 15-16.

The board will make another draft following public comment, and meet a final time on Nov. 20 to make changes before recommending the final package to the Legislature for approval on Nov. 24.

Board decides Legislature must authorize marijuana clubs

When Nov. 24 comes around, the only legal place to consume newly legal Alaska cannabis will be your home.

The Legislature will have to decide whether or not to allow cannabis social clubs in Alaska, following a highly contentious Marijuana Control Board ruling on Sept. 24 that prohibited clubs.

Marijuana Control Board finalizes first draft of regulations

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board has reached the end of an arduous first draft of proposed regulations for the cannabis industry. After another round of public comments, which will open in early October, the Legislature will have the opportunity to adopt them or change them as it sees fit.

Arizona-based Rose Law Group enters Alaska cannabis scene

The Alaska cannabis industry has a new gun in town.

Rose Law Group, an Arizona business law firm, has sent an attorney to the Last Frontier to represent marijuana industry interests, including lobbying during the 2016 legislative session.

The move is a new stage in development for Alaska cannabis businesses. Much of the current legal representation for industry leaders draws from criminal practice, rather than business.

Marijuana board to ban cannabis clubs

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board accepted draft regulatory language on Sept. 24 that would ban cannabis social clubs, unable to establish any regulations around a license type that was not specified in the ballot initiative that legalized cannabis. The existence of cannabis social clubs will now depend on the Alaska Legisature to establish the license type, informed by a planned policy statement from the board.

Marijuana board accepts cultivation draft regulations

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board met Sept. 14 in Kotzebue and Sept. 16 in Anchorage to accept the next round of draft regulations, which are to be recommended to the Legislature and approved by Nov. 24. The board focused on marijuana cultivator regulations, one of the four designated marijuana business licenses included in regulations, along with processors, retail stores, and testing facilities.

BOEM releases Hilcorp's Liberty development plan for public

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management released the Hilcorp Alaska development plan for the Liberty offshore oil field on Friday.

A 60-day public comment period began with the release as one of the initial steps in a multi-year permitting process.

Marijuana board accepts cultivation regulations

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board met Sept. 14 in Kotzebue and Sept. 16 in Anchorage to accept the next round of draft regulations, which are to be recommended to the Legislature and approved by Nov. 24. The board focused on marijuana cultivator regulations, one of the four designated marijuana business licenses included in regulations, along with manufacturers, retail stores, and testing facilities.

Marijuana board accepts do's and don'ts for retail outlets

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board is parsing out what should be its business and what should be left to good business sense.

Aug. 31 began a two-day meeting for the Marijuana Control Board, which is on an aggressive deadline to approve a set of cannabis industry regulations. The board is reviewing the second of three draft regulation sets. Set two concerns retail business operations, including taxes, hours, and prohibited sale practices and items, and operating requirements.

Marijuana board bans giveaways, ups security requirements

Alaska cannabis businesses can sell you a hoodie, so long as the transaction is being recorded in high-definition.

The Alaska Marijuana Control Board covered allowable advertising strategies or retail dispensaries, as well as security protocol Sept. 1 on the second day of an extra meeting to consider draft regulations.

Federal rules stymie cannabis investments

Alaska’s forthcoming cannabis regulations might stop homegrown bud businesses from seeing a dime from the hot-ticket marijuana investment scene developing in the Lower 48.

Outside investment raises both industry and regulatory hackles in the Alaska cannabis scene, either as the surefire road to a federal crackdown or the harbinger of boutique-killing Big Marijuana, depending on who is asked.

Marijuana board amends regs, sets $5K fee

The cannabis industry’s growing pains are causing unease for some stakeholders, even as the newly minted Alaska Marijuana Control Board was able to favorably change certain draft regulations.

Marijuana Industry Association rolls out

Those hoping to get in on the ground floor of Alaska’s legal marijuana industry now have a supporter.

The Alaska Marijuana Industry Association announced it is open for business July 9 during a briefing at The Boardroom workspace in Downtown Anchorage.

Alaska Marijuana Industry Association President and board member Bruce Schulte, a pilot by trade, said the five-member board recognized a need for an organized industry resource to help a burgeoning group of cannabis entrepreneurs.

EDITORIAL: Governor makes solid picks for marijuana board

The state of Alaska now has its first Marijuana Control Board. Selected by Gov. Bill Walker and announced on July 1, the initial board members will face a weighty task: charting a course to commercial permitting and regulation of retail marijuana sales. Given the magnitude of their responsibility, it’s a good thing the marijuana board has as much time to draw up policy as it does.

Regulatory board reviews proposed marijuana regulations

(AP) — Communities could opt-out or limit marijuana businesses much the same way they do alcohol under proposed regulations put forth by the state alcohol control board.

The board reviewed the first of three sets of marijuana regulations on Thursday, which included a system for community regulations.

Voters approved a ballot issue in November legalizing limited recreational marijuana and directed the board to develop regulations for the industry.

Senate passes bill changing marijuana crime laws

JUNEAU (AP) — The Alaska Senate on March 30 got closer to having state statutes reflect what remains illegal after Alaska voters legalized limited recreational marijuana last year.

Senators voted 17-3 to pass the bill, which outlines crimes for possessing more than 1 ounce of marijuana, the threshold voters approved last November for personal use by adults.

It changes the crimes for possession of larger amounts of marijuana, including making it a felony to possess more than 16 ounces of marijuana, and also makes it illegal to deliver marijuana for sale.


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