Shaktoolik building berm to guard against erosion

NOME (AP) — A small Alaska community at risk of erosion is taking matters into their own hands, building a coastal berm as a line of defense against fall storm surges.

Residents of Shaktoolik say that while governmental reports have found the coastal community at risk of erosion, they haven't received the kind of funding needed to relocate or otherwise fight the problem.

So they've saved and raised money to build a berm themselves: $620,000 in community development and grant funds from the Norton Sound Economic Development Corp.

Shaktoolik Mayor Eugene Asicksik told KNOM work will last until the money runs about, about three months.

Locals are working off a blueprint from the state transportation department, which had intended to build a vegetated berm as an experiment for other eroding communities.

07/03/2014 - 5:31am