Begich eyeing changes to gas pipeline bill

Sen. Mark Begich plans to propose changes to a 2004 law that provides incentives for an Alaska natural gas pipeline project.

Currently, perks under the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act, including authorization for a federal loan guarantee, apply to a project that would bring gas from Alaska's North Slope to the continental U.S. Over the last year, the focus has shifted away from that, toward a liquefied natural gas project that would allow for overseas exports.

Begich is looking at proposing that the benefits be extended to any natural gas project bringing North Slope gas to market, period.

A Begich spokeswoman says before formally introducing the bill, Begich will consult with affected parties, including oil companies, federal agencies and TransCanada Corp., which holds an exclusive license to build a pipeline.

11/13/2012 - 6:00am