Kotzebue road rebuilt in $42 million project

One of Kotzebue's main roads has been rebuilt, this time with storm protections in place.

The road formerly known as Shore Avenue was increasingly eroded, forcing its repositioning closer to structures. Alaska officials say storms pushed ice and water against buildings, damaging structures including the post office and limiting access by emergency vehicles to some properties.

Its reconstruction was funded by $42 million in federal and state money.

State transportation officials say the new road, which opened last week, has been renamed Sikiagruk (SICK'-uh-gruck), the Inupiat Eskimo name of former longtime Alaska state lawmaker Al Adams, who died last month.

Officials say Adams was an advocate for the project.

The work included reconstructing 4,400 feet of roadway, installing a bicycle land and adding shoreline buffers of metal and rock.

09/27/2012 - 9:03am