Salmon harvest pegged at $603M


The state Department of Fish and Game has released its 2011 estimate for the ex-vessel value of the salmon harvest.

The total value of $603 million ranks third since 1975, behind 2010 and 1988, but analysts expect the final total will surpass 2010 after postseason price adjustments are received next spring.

Southeast led the way with a total salmon harvest of $203.4 million, led by $92.5 million in pink salmon and $65.2 million in chum salmon. Bristol Bay was next at $137.7 million, nearly all of which was sockeye salmon ($135.6 million). The pink salmon harvest value for the entire state was an all-time record of $170 million.

Prince William Sound was third among regions at $101.2 million, nearly half of which was pink salmon valued at $47.4 million.

Next was Cook Inlet at $55.6 million, like Bristol Bay nearly all in sockeye ($53.4 million). While the Bristol Bay return of 21.88 million sockeye was well below the forecast of about 28 million, Cook Inlet was well above its preseason forecast with 5.4 million sockeye harvested by commercial fishermen.

The highest price per pound was king salmon in Prince William Sound ($5.33). According to ADFG, king salmon in PWS averaged nearly 20 pounds each, just larger than the average of 18 pounds each in Cook Inlet.

See the full table here.

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