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Repeal fails, tax reform upheld

A referendum to roll back an oil production tax change made in 2013 was defeated by voters in the state’s primary election held Aug. 19. Ballot Measure 1, which would have reinstated the state’s previous tax known as ACES that was repealed in 2013, was voted down 52 percent to 48 percent, or a margin of about 6,800 votes, the Division of Elections reported in late results with 98.6 percent of the votes counted.

Sullivan gets Senate nomination for GOP

Former state Attorney General Dan Sullivan became the latest mainstream Republican to turn back a tea party challenger, winning the Alaska GOP primary to become his party’s candidate to take on U.S. Sen. Mark Begich in the fall. Republicans see the Alaska race as a key contest in their attempt to capture the Senate majority from Democrats.

AJOC EDITORIAL: Alaskans not fooled by ‘giveaway’ campaign

Repeal fails, tax reform upheld

Repeal will hit gasline, treasury

State administration officials are mulling a series of complex effects that a repeal of Senate Bill 21, should it occur on Aug. 19, would have on near-term state finances and the planning for the large natural gas pipeline project that is now underway.

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Alaska readies for U.S. to take chair of Arctic Council in 2015

No. 2 trade partner South Korea eager for more Alaska ties

No. 2 trade partner South Korea eager for more Alaska ties

The South Korean ambassador to the United States said the bond connecting the countries is strong and Alaska that remains a key trading partner with the East Asian country.
Setnet ban initiative OK’d, state considers appeal

Setnet ban initiative OK’d, state considers appeal

Voters could be asked to decide whether to ban setnets in certain parts of Alaska under a court decision issued July 23.

BOEM aims for new Chukchi report by October

The U.S. Bureau of Offshore Energy Management has developed a revised exploration and development scenario for Chukchi Sea oil and gas development that will be part of a new draft supplemental environmental impact statement, or SEIS, to be issued this fall.

Feds seek lease nominations for 2017 Beaufort Sea sale

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