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AJOC EDITORIAL: Democrats never let good news go to waste

The news from the North Slope continues to trend in a positive direction with the latest announcement that production is 13,600 barrels per day better than the Revenue Department forecast in December, and that the annual production decline for the current fiscal year is projected to be just 1.8 percent.

FISH FACTOR: Kodiak seiners get first shot at pollock; fish talk in Juneau

Kodiak seiners will be scooping up pollock in their nets starting this week.

AJOC EDITORIAL: Gambling with lives in the name of green gospel

Cowboy humorist and vaudevillian Will Rogers was ahead of Jon Stewart by at least 70 years when he once said, “Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”

EDITORIAL: Resolution of damages necessary 25 years after Valdez

March 24 marked the 25th anniversary of the soiling of Alaska shores and waters by the oil of the Exxon Valdez.

FISH FACTOR: Record 2013 salmon return was 36 percent hatchery fish

Alaska’s salmon catch of 273 million salmon set a record last year — and so did the number of salmon returning home to state hatcheries.

EDITORIAL: Lawsuit over denied ANWR plan is the right move

Gov. Sean Parnell has taken the next step in the long-running, slow-moving effort to tap the energy resources of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain, an area that Congress decades ago recognized as having high oil and gas potential.

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The Bookworm Sez: Zen of finding happiness at work

The Bookworm Sez: Zen of finding happiness at work

You started a business to make money.

FISH FACTOR: Board nominations in; Southeast herring fishery finished

GUEST COMMENTARY: Changes to HB 77 meant to allay stakeholder concerns

A little over three years ago, the Department of Natural Resources recognized that the status quo for permitting wasn’t working.

GUEST COMMENTARY: ‘Obamacare’ and the end of the American work ethic

I was thinking of not doing a column this week.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Express Program lends hand to veteran-owned businesses

Our nation’s veterans have served our country proudly and bravely. They are true American heroes, and we must make sure that we’re doing everything possible to support them, once they re-enter civilian life.
The Bookworm Sez: Transform an idea into an invention

The Bookworm Sez: Transform an idea into an invention

That little problem you’ve got is going to take some serious thinking.