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Legislators push back on Walker gas plan

Just as things seemed to be going reasonably well for the large Alaska LNG Project, the $45 billion to $65 billion gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas initiative in which the state is a partner, Gov. Bill Walker may be throwing a wrench into the works.

Several options on table for delivering gas to Fairbanks

JUNEAU — There are several options before the Interior Energy Project, but moving slowly is not one of them.

Prudhoe gas sales in 2020s may be well-timed for aging field

Sometime in the mid-2020s, the grand strategy for how to produce Alaska’s great Prudhoe Bay oil and gas field — send the crude oil and other liquids to market; reinject the natural gas — will be primed to pivot.

Legislation introduced to level playing field on utility tariffs

JUNEAU — Alaska’s independent power producers and Railbelt utilities are now battling it out in the Regulatory Commission and the Legislature.

Hilcorp Energy keeps up spending despite oil price slide

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Oil Prices and Production
Oil and Gas Prices for 1/12/2012 ($/barrel)

  ANS West Coast $111.65 ($1.77)
  West Texas Intermediate $99.10 ($1.77)
  Henry Hub (mmBTU) $2.67 ($0.14)
  ANS Production 622,966 1/11/2012
source: Alaska Dept of Revenue
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