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Alternative funds are drawing dollars, questions

On Wall Street, nothing to fear except lack of fear

Warning signs are flashing for junk-bond investors

USDA establishes rural business investment program

Emerging-market bonds on sale but not on clearance

NEW YORK (AP) — For all the worries about how the Federal Reserve’s cutback in bond purchases would hurt the market, the biggest pain is being felt far away. It’s in Indonesia, India and other developing economies.

Abandoned last year, bond funds back on top as equities take a tumble

NEW YORK (AP) — Bond funds have made money so far this year as many stock markets around the world have faltered.

Despite market unrest, Fed likely to pare stimulus

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just as Ben Bernanke prepares to turn the chairmanship of the Federal Reserve over to Janet Yellen, global markets are on edge over the prospect that she’ll extend a policy he began: a steady pullback in the Fed’s extraordinary economic stimulus.

Bernanke’s new formula for pleasing investors

WASHINGTON (AP) — In his final performance, Ben Bernanke rewrote the script.

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With budget cuts a reality, added fees likely in UA system

Officials at the University of Alaska are trying to cope with nearly $17 million in budget cuts.

Northrim Bank acquires Residential Mortgage

GUEST COMMENTARY: Voting ‘no’ is a vote in favor of Alaska’s future

GUEST COMMENTARY: Editorial misses the mark, state deserves fair share from oil

Rhubarb sherbet takes top spot in business competition

TURNAGAIN ARM — What is the quintessential Alaska food? Juneau resident Marc Wheeler would like it to be rhubarb sherbet, available at most cruise ship docks in Southeast Alaska.

AEDC: economic outlook good despite gov’t spending cuts

Choose Respect

I worked for the State of Alaska Anchorage Airport eight years. A co-worker got a sexual harassment deal going against the airport director. I got it in the news, radio and TV. I turned it in to EEOC as we had nine cases of human right violations there at the airport. I wrote up a number of EEO reports for the minorities. I mailed the two newspaper articles to the Alaska Legislature and hundreds of names listed in the state book. I also mailed hundreds more to all the airlines and aviation safety organizations. I mailed one to the airport director telling him what I did and said that I was trying to help him so he could do his job better. That we need to get everyone everywhere to work on this problem as a team. I got fired and given a lifetime ban from state employment for making a false statement. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and now the State Ombudsman has been investigating it for 18 years. They said they are going as fast as they can on the investigation. I joined the NAACP and they picked up my case to the lieutenant governor and now Gov. Parnell.


Life lessons across cultures and around the world

Each year the Lions International Youth Camp and Lions International Exchange Program introduce young people to life in other cultures by helping them travel abroad. Each Youth Camp and Exchange program include an extended stay hosted by one of our many international clubs. The Youths are from 13 countries across Europe and the middle east; Italy, Belgium, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Israel, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Eagle River, Chugiak at lopsided ends in non-district openers

The Chugiak Mustangs played the role of the dominant guest while the Eagle River Wolves were relegated to the role of accommodating host, albeit not on their home field, in the season-opener for both varsity squads.