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Can Workplace Wellness Programs Really Work?


Pay or Play: Evaluating Dependant Coverage


Seven Issues To Consider About Pay or Play


Pay or Play: the Facts about Paying the Penalties


Our Best New Year’s Resolution

The 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 can be roughly segmented into four broad categories: self improvement, weight, money and relationships. But, there’s one resolution that should be on everyone’s list, at least everyone of a certain age who generates an income: a benefit audit.

Eating Clean…What Does it Mean?

Each January at AlaskaFit, we begin the year with a cleanse/detox program.

Why Your Disability Insurance Audit is So Important

For most employers looking at the health insurance plan every year is a tradition.


Cheers to 50 Years


Closing a Chapter, Celebrating Progress

After a very scary daunting health battle, bed rest to regain my health, and so long incapacitated I had lost all muscle in the atrophy of lack of use. I embarked on a yearlong struggle to regain my life back: I made a list of goals.


“Peace on earth and goodwill towards all men…”


From our Table to Yours: Happy Thanksgiving from The Wilson Agency Family


Today’s Top 5 Health Insurance Options for Small Group Employers


Cobra Post-PPACA

With the advent of the health marketplaces, why do we still have COBRA?


Guest blogger: The Basics of Premium Subsidies

The health marketplaces are starting to accept applications, and with that, interest in the premium subsidy process is increasing.


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Production exceeds Revenue forecast

North Slope and Cook Inlet crude oil production estimates have been revised upward, according to an updated production and revenue forecast released by the state Department of Revenue on April 7.

Tourism expected to hold the line in 2014

It’s almost time for the rush of family and friends from the Lower 48, and Alaska’s tourism industry leaders are expecting a good, but not great, 2014 visitor season.

Coast Guard: Tug engine failure blamed on water in fuel

It is a mariner’s worst nightmare: At sea, in a bad storm, pulling a heavy load and working to keep control in a dicey situation.

AGDC appointments bill moves forward

JUNEAU — The House Rules Committee on April 8 advanced legislation that would allow out-of-state residents to serve on the board of directors of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp.

Feds give go-ahead to new Steller sea lion management

Fishers targeting Atka mackerel, Pacific cod and pollock in the western Aleutians will likely have additional harvest opportunity next year.