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Small Businesses Received a Reprieve


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Water, The Forgotten Nutrient


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Our Best New Year’s Resolution

The 10 most popular New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 can be roughly segmented into four broad categories: self improvement, weight, money and relationships. But, there’s one resolution that should be on everyone’s list, at least everyone of a certain age who generates an income: a benefit audit.

Eating Clean…What Does it Mean?

Each January at AlaskaFit, we begin the year with a cleanse/detox program.

Why Your Disability Insurance Audit is So Important

For most employers looking at the health insurance plan every year is a tradition.


Cheers to 50 Years


Closing a Chapter, Celebrating Progress

After a very scary daunting health battle, bed rest to regain my health, and so long incapacitated I had lost all muscle in the atrophy of lack of use. I embarked on a yearlong struggle to regain my life back: I made a list of goals.


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UA items top $2.1B budget

The University of Alaska was a big winner when the Senate passed its $2.1 billion version of the state capital budget.

ConocoPhillips to reopen LNG plant, resume exports

ConocoPhillips is restarting its liquefied natural gas plant on the Kenai Peninsula and will resume shipments of LNG in May, the company announced April 14.

Senate draft of fisheries act begins circulating

The newest version of the Magnuson-Stevens Act out for discussion adds subsistence users and Tribal governments to the fisheries management law and has the potential to create new Community Development Quota in the Arctic, but it has not yet been made widely available to the public for review.

Slope gets busy from CD-5 to Point Thomson

JUNEAU — North Slope oil fields are busy places these days. ConocoPhillips told a state legislative committee in Juneau that it expects to see 50,000 barrels per day of new North Slope production in 2018 based on projects now under construction and planned.

Outlook: population, jobs will continue slow, steady growth

JUNEAU — Alaska’s economy seems in good shape and is continuing in a long-term, slow-growth trend, although questions around the national recovery hang over Alaska as well as the rest of the U.S., according to the Northrim Bank annual economic outlook report.