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Walker introduces legislation to expand Medicaid

Bowing to legislators’ requests, Gov. Bill Walker introduced legislation March 17 setting out a broad framework for reform of the state-managed Medicaid program and also expanding the program to provide health coverage to an estimated 40,000 uninsured Alaskans.

Eyak embraces ‘Baby Boxes’ in Cordova

Kelly proposes Medicaid reforms before expansion

Legislators have now signaled they want to see efforts at reforming the Medicaid program before expanding it, a setback for Gov. Bill Walker’s major legislative initiative this year.

States on edge about future of subsidies

Rafting program helps veterans deal with stress, anxiety

Sharp questions in opening hearings for Medicaid plan

Medicaid expansion is taking on a partisan edge in Juneau, to no surprise. Hearings on the plan by Gov. Bill Walker opened Feb. 16 in a House Finance subcommittee. Department of Health and Social Services Commissioner Valerie Davidson made the case for expansion, citing improved health care for Alaskans, lower near-term costs to the state budget, and lower costs for many employers if workers have better access to health care.

Democrats seek relief from health law penalties

Deaf therapy dog provides support to hospital

State director files affidavit laying out claims against Xerox

Walker unveils Medicaid expansion plan

Increasing Medicaid access to 41,000 more Alaskans will save the state several million dollars per year according to Gov. Bill Walker’s administration. In the first year of expansion, fiscal year 2016, the State of Alaska will save $6.1 million based on figures in a Department of Health and Social Services report.

Study: Medicaid expansion to add 26,523 insured by 2021

Supreme Court’s new health law case cuts both ways

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UAF plant estimate $50M over budget

The University of Alaska Fairbanks will likely have to wait a year longer to get its new heat and power plant up and running.

MSA changes focused on flexibility, science

Legislature gets to work on Medicaid reform, expansion

JUNEAU — Legislators are getting down to business on reforming the state’s bloated Medicaid system.

Richards put through wringer during Judiciary hearings

JUNEAU — Legislative committees have been putting Attorney General nominee Craig Richards through the wringer. Richards has stood up to it, however, deftly answering tough questions.

Legal arguments filed against Subsistence Board actions

The target on the Federal Subsistence Board’s back keeps getting bigger.
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