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Feds give go-ahead to new Steller sea lion management

Feds give go-ahead to new Steller sea lion management

Fishers targeting Atka mackerel, Pacific cod and pollock in the western Aleutians will likely have additional harvest opportunity next year.

FISH FACTOR: Kodiak seiners get first shot at pollock; fish talk in Juneau

Kodiak seiners will be scooping up pollock in their nets starting this week.

Fisheries bills on the move as session enters closing days

As the Alaska Legislature enters its final stretch, work on fisheries issues continues.
Southeast Alaska guides prep for strong king salmon season

Southeast Alaska guides prep for strong king salmon season

Scientists are expecting Southeast Alaska’s marine waters to fill with king salmon this summer — and fishing guides are among those angling for a boost to their businesses as a result of the strong forecasts.

Challenge to marine observer program to be heard April 16

Oral argument in the lawsuit over the revised federal marine observer program will be heard April 16 in Alaska U.S. District Court.

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Disaster funds on hold until state, AVCP agree on split

Disaster funds on hold until state, AVCP agree on split

Alaska is set to receive $20.8 million for the 2012 salmon fisheries disasters, but how the money will be used is still being decided.

Law introduced to exempt fishing vessels from EPA discharge rules

Sen. Mark Begich and Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio introduced legislation March 6 to exempt fishing vessels from proposed discharge rules that could require stringent monitoring of the rainwater that pools on deck.

Weather slows halibut opener, first prices similar to 2013

Commercial halibut fishers began targeting 16.7 million pounds of quota March 8, but bad weather kept many off the fishing grounds.

New group supports state denial of setnet ban initiative

A new commercial fisheries group is getting involved in the lawsuit over the proposed ballot initiative to ban setnets.

FISH FACTOR: Halibut fishery underway; seafood sales increase for Lent

March 5 marked the start of Lent, a time of fasting, soul searching and repentance for hundreds of millions of Christians around the world. And what the burst in the holiday sales season from Thanksgiving to Christmas means to retailers, Lent means the same to the seafood industry.


ADFG releases 2014 Cook Inlet commercial fishing outlook


Round Island transit approved; Amendment 80 review continues


North Pacific council asks for three Gulf of Alaska papers

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council asked for three discussion papers on issues associated with Gulf of Alaska trawl fisheries today.


Stakeholders weigh in on BOF nominees

The House Fisheries Committee held a short hearing on Gov. Sean Parnell’s appointees to the Board of Fisheries today, and public testimony on the incumbents was mixed.


BOF fails Cook Inlet petition


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