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June Issue 1 2012

Microsoft releases final test version of Windows 8

Microsoft is nearly done with a much-anticipated overhaul of its Windows operating system.

May Issue 4 2012

New cyberweapon discovered; Iranian computers hit

A massive data-slurping cyberweapon is circulating in the Middle East, a Russian Internet security firm reported Monday, saying that computers in Iran appear to have been particularly affected.

Private supply ship rockets toward space station May Issue 4 2012

Private supply ship rockets toward space station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A first-of-its-kind commercial supply ship rocketed toward the International Space Station following a successful liftoff early May 22, opening a new era of dollar-driven spaceflight.

May Issue 3 2012

Where are Facebook's friends? Stock slide deepens

Facebook's newly public stock is sliding further on its third trading day as investors reconsider how much the social network is worth.

May Issue 3 2012

User revenue up while total customers decline for ACS in 1Q

First quarter results for Alaska Communications System Group Inc. were mixed as decreases across all customer segments were largely offset by increases in billing averages from business broadband to wireless data use.

As Facebook grows, millions say, 'no, thanks' May Issue 2 2012

As Facebook grows, millions say, 'no, thanks'

Don't try to friend MaLi Arwood on Facebook. You won't find her there.

May Issue 2 2012

Revolving door: Yahoo ushers out another CEO

Yahoo still has credibility issues, even after casting aside CEO Scott Thompson because his official biography included a college degree that he never received.

Apple’s squeeze hits phone companies, competitors May Issue 2 2012

Apple’s squeeze hits phone companies, competitors

NEW YORK (AP) — Apple reported another record quarterly profit April 24, continuing the relentless string of results that’s made it the world’s most valuable company.

May Issue 2 2012

Review: 4 camera app alternatives to Instagram

BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) — I’m one of the millions of smartphone owners addicted to Instagram, the free camera app that makes tweaking and sharing photos miraculously easy. While it’s wildly popular and the target of Facebook’s $1 billion takeover deal, Instagram isn’t the only camera app worth having.

April Issue 5 2012

B&N, Microsoft team up on Nook, college businesses

An infusion of money from Microsoft Corp. sent Barnes & Noble Inc.'s stock zooming Monday, as the software giant established a way to get back into the e-books business.