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August Issue 4 2012

Apple's $1B patent verdict could corner market

It was the $1 billion question Saturday: What does Apple Inc.'s victory in an epic patent dispute over its fiercest rival mean for the U.S. smartphone industry?

August Issue 4 2012

Fossils hint at distant cousins to our ancestors

WASHINGTON (AP) — Our family tree may have sprouted some long-lost branches going back nearly 2 million years. A famous paleontology family has found fossils that they think confirm their theory that there are two additional pre-human species besides the one that eventually led to modern humans.

Like rover, family switches to Mars time August Issue 4 2012

Like rover, family switches to Mars time

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. (AP) — For one family, an exotic summer getaway means living on Mars.

August Issue 3 2012

Alaska Aerospace lays off 5 Kodiak-based workers

The Alaska Aerospace Corp. has laid off five workers, or 20 percent of its Kodiak workforce, after a launch was delayed a year to 2014.

August Issue 3 2012

Apple sets record for company value at $623B

Apple is the world's most valuable company, ever.

August Issue 2 2012

Alaska's moon rocks back in NASA's hands

Alaska’s historic moon rocks, collected by Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969, are back in NASA’s custody.

August Issue 2 2012

TERRA-Southwest network leads revenue gains for GCI

Total revenue and net income for GCI showed substantial increases in the second quarter compared to 2011 thanks largely to the new TERRA-Southwest network it turned up this year in rural Alaska.

August Issue 2 2012

Sales of iPhone boost ACS customers by nearly 3,000

Boosted by sales of the Apple iPhone 4S, Alaska Communications added its most wireless customers in years during the second quarter.

August Issue 2 2012

Google to offer KC ultra-fast Internet for $70/mo.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Google Inc. revealed on July 26 what it will charge for its long-awaited, ultra-fast Internet service in Kansas City: $70 per month.

August Issue 2 2012

MetroPCS starts selling phone with TV tuner

NEW YORK (AP) — In time for the Olympics, MetroPCS is selling the first phone that can receive local TV signals, potentially lending TV stations some relevance in the age of the smartphone.