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November Issue 2 2012

Navajo council online stream draws new viewers

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — When the Navajo Nation Council met for its fall session, it had a whole new set of eyes watching. From behind their computers, people around the country were listening as tribal lawmakers discussed a tax measure, adding land to the reservation and their fondness for rock music.

TERRA network improving health care November Issue 1 2012

TERRA network improving health care

For some rural communities, better telecommunications means better healthcare.

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice October Issue 4 2012

Experts: Global warming means more Antarctic ice

WASHINGTON (AP) — The ice goes on seemingly forever in a white pancake-flat landscape, stretching farther than ever before. And yet in this confounding region of the world, that spreading ice may be a cockeyed signal of man-made climate change, scientists say.

October Issue 4 2012

Report: Path to Iran nuke is 2-4 months

VIENNA (AP) — Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to arm a nuclear bomb within two to four months but would still face serious “engineering challenges” — and much longer delays — before it succeeds in making the other components needed for a functioning warhead, a respected U.S. think tank said Oct. 8.

October Issue 3 2012

Smaller iPad expected Tuesday, but at what price?

The price tag remains a big question mark as Apple prepares Tuesday to unveil what is expected to be a smaller iPad.

October Issue 2 2012

Facebook now home to 1 billion monthly users

NEW YORK (AP) — More than a billion people now log into Facebook each month to check up on old friends, tag photos of new ones and post about politics, religion, cats or what their kids are doing.

October Issue 2 2012

US panel: China tech giants pose security threat

WASHINGTON (AP) — American companies should avoid sourcing network equipment from China’s two leading technology firms because they pose a national security threat to the United States, the House Intelligence Committee warned Monday.

UA Fairbanks unveils cold weather housing experiment October Issue 2 2012

UA Fairbanks unveils cold weather housing experiment

FAIRBANKS (AP) — The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ grand experiment in sustainable student housing has officially begun.

October Issue 1 2012

Kodiak Launch Complex expansion faces delay

Alaska Aerospace Corporation's plans for a new launch pad have been delayed, not canceled.

September Issue 5 2012

Who's watching? 3-D TV is no hit with viewers

Phil Orlins knows everything about producing TV in three dimensions.