North Pacific council cuts Bering Sea salmon bycatch caps April Issue 3 2015

North Pacific council cuts Bering Sea salmon bycatch caps

The most iconic Alaska fish is in puzzling decline, and the mission for both state and federal fisheries managers is to spread the pain as evenly as possible.

April Issue 2 2015

Lower salmon prices may mean more markets

Too much red and pink salmon could be a blessing in an ugly disguise for 2015.

April Issue 2 2015

Banks seek to expand portfolios in stable fishing industry

The rationalization of federal fisheries has created a healthier environment for Alaska banks to underwrite commercial fishing industry loans.

April Issue 1 2015

Council ready for final action on Bering Sea bycatch package

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will hold its second meeting of 2015 from April 8-14 at the Anchorage Hilton.

April Issue 1 2015

Subsistence Board to consider 2015 Y-K actions

Subsistence, conversation, and state vs. federal fisheries management will square off again in a series of April meetings over king salmon in the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers.