March Issue 2 2015

Southeast trollers fight for chums at Board of Fisheries

Regulations to increase the chum harvest for southeast trollers fell short.

March Issue 2 2015

Board of Fisheries keeps Southeast herring status quo

In addition to typical family squabbles over commercial salmon harvests, the Alaska Board of Fisheries had a full helping of subsistence matters to oversee during its meeting in Sitka for Southeast Alaska finfish, the bulk of which the board rejected to keep fisheries steady.

February Issue 3 2015

Council adds 50% option for bycatch cut

SEATTLE — In January, the International Pacific Halibut Commission put a Band-Aid on a Bering Sea halibut situation that needs a blood transfusion from the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. Halibut fishermen earned a breather in 2015, with slightly raised allocations all around and a status quo 1.285 million pounds for the central Bering Sea quota holders, but the bulk of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council’s February meeting took a look at every way possible to get those numbers higher.