Legislators pass fish bills as session end nears April Issue 4 2014

Legislators pass fish bills as session end nears

Fishers, processors and the general public will see changes to certain fisheries regulations under bills passed by the Alaska Legislature this session.

April Issue 4 2014

House bill proposes adding CFEC to Fish and Game

A bill that would make the Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission a division of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game got an introductory hearing in the Legislature April 19, with the expectation that commercial fishermen and other stakeholders will consider the idea for possible enactment next session.

Senate draft of fisheries act begins circulating April Issue 3 2014

Senate draft of fisheries act begins circulating

The newest version of the Magnuson-Stevens Act out for discussion adds subsistence users and Tribal governments to the fisheries management law and has the potential to create new Community Development Quota in the Arctic, but it has not yet been made widely available to the public for review.

April Issue 3 2014

Data collection to begin as council moves toward Gulf ratz

Upcoming discussions on plans to rationalize the Gulf of Alaska trawl fisheries will consider adaptive management and the potential for community fisheries associations.

April Issue 3 2014

New transit approved for Bay; canyon research continues

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council took final action at its April meeting in Anchorage to change the rules for vessel transit through Bristol Bay.

April Issue 3 2014

FISH FACTOR: Off-year pinks mean 2014 won’t match record salmon haul

Alaska’s total salmon catch for 2014 is projected to be down by almost half of last year’s record haul.

April Issue 3 2014

Appeal scheduled for decision to reject setnet ban initiative

Oral argument in the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance appeal of Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell’s decision to reject a proposed ballot initiative to ban setnetting will be held in Anchorage April 22.