April Issue 3 2014

EDITORIAL: FAA needs to expedite rules for unmanned aircraft

When Amazon founder Jeff Bezos dazzled “60 Minutes” interviewer Charlie Rose a while back with his supposed plan to deliver products with drone aircraft, he glossed over the obstacles that stand in his way.

April Issue 3 2014

FISH FACTOR: Off-year pinks mean 2014 won’t match record salmon haul

Alaska’s total salmon catch for 2014 is projected to be down by almost half of last year’s record haul.

April Issue 3 2014

GUEST COMMENTARY: Financial health is as important as staying physically fit

This year, I’m sure many of us made New Year’s resolutions that have to do with improving our physical health.

The Bookworm Sez: Putting off procrastination April Issue 3 2014

The Bookworm Sez: Putting off procrastination

You’re hoping someone has a match.

April Issue 2 2014

AJOC EDITORIAL: Democrats never let good news go to waste

The news from the North Slope continues to trend in a positive direction with the latest announcement that production is 13,600 barrels per day better than the Revenue Department forecast in December, and that the annual production decline for the current fiscal year is projected to be just 1.8 percent.

April Issue 2 2014

FISH FACTOR: Kodiak seiners get first shot at pollock; fish talk in Juneau

Kodiak seiners will be scooping up pollock in their nets starting this week.

April Issue 1 2014

AJOC EDITORIAL: Gambling with lives in the name of green gospel

Cowboy humorist and vaudevillian Will Rogers was ahead of Jon Stewart by at least 70 years when he once said, “Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”

The Bookworm Sez: Zen of finding happiness at work April Issue 1 2014

The Bookworm Sez: Zen of finding happiness at work

You started a business to make money.