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December Issue 2 2012

Aid package includes money for marine debris

A proposed $60.4 billion federal disaster aid package includes money for marine debris removal. But it's not clear how much might go toward clearing West Coast beaches of debris from the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami.

December Issue 2 2012

Karzai says he'll meet with Obama in Washington

President Hamid Karzai said Thursday he will meet President Barack Obama in Washington next month to discuss a postwar U.S. role in his country, whose fragile security was highlighted hours earlier by a suicide bombing that killed one U.S. troop and two Afghan civilians.

December Issue 2 2012

Lawmakers seek to rekindle mining reform efforts

While the U.S. government reaps billions of dollars in royalties each year from fossil fuels extracted from federal lands and waters, it does not collect any such royalties from gold, uranium or other metals mined from the same places, congressional auditors reported Wednesday.

December Issue 2 2012

Fed projects high unemployment for next 3 years

The Federal Reserve projects the unemployment rate will stay elevated until late 2015, suggesting it will keep short-term interest rates low for the next three years.

December Issue 2 2012

Obama's fiscal cliff strategy is tricky balance

Playing both sides, President Barack Obama is trying to balance his public pressure campaign on Republicans over the looming "fiscal cliff" with his private negotiations with GOP leaders.

December Issue 2 2012

Voter disdain spreads as 'fiscal cliff' looms

Fear and frustration course through the lunch crowd at Robie's Country Store and Deli, a popular outpost 500 miles from where Washington is again locked in tense negotiations over taxes and spending as a critical deadline looms.

December Issue 2 2012

Obama heading to Michigan to push taxes on rich

President Barack Obama is pressing for public support Monday to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, a day after he and House Speaker John Boehner met one-on-one for the first time to discuss ways to avert the "fiscal cliff."

December Issue 2 2012

Boehner: No progress in fiscal cliff talks

House Speaker John Boehner said Friday there has been no progress in negotiations to avert a "fiscal cliff" combination of automatic tax increases and spending cuts in January and called on President Barack Obama to produce a new offer.

State forecasts $700 million drop in revenue next year December Issue 2 2012

State forecasts $700 million drop in revenue next year

Revenues to the State of Alaska are expected to decline next year by about $700 million, the Department of Revenue said Dec. 4.

December Issue 2 2012

Obama warns GOP against another debt ceiling fight

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama warned Republicans on Dec. 5 against picking another fight over the nation’s debt ceiling, telling business leaders that it’s “not a game that I will play.”