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April Issue 1 2014

AJOC EDITORIAL: Gambling with lives in the name of green gospel

Cowboy humorist and vaudevillian Will Rogers was ahead of Jon Stewart by at least 70 years when he once said, “Everything is changing. People are taking the comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”

April Issue 1 2014

Chenault moves to allow nonresidents on AGDC board

JUNEAU (AP) — House Speaker Mike Chenault on March 31 said he plans to propose allowing out-of-state residents to serve on the board of directors of a corporation that could play a key role in a major liquefied natural gas project in Alaska.

April Issue 1 2014

Former official recommends scrutiny for TransCanada role

JUNEAU — A former state revenue economist has recommended state legislators take more time with a proposal to partner with TransCanada Corp. as part of a deal for state financial participation in a large natural gas project.

April Issue 1 2014

Legislature hits homestretch with major bills pending

JUNEAU — The Legislature has entered the home stretch on its 2013 session, with a little over two weeks to go. Major legislation is moving but a lot of important bills are already being left on the sideline.

March Issue 5 2014

Ordinance shot down for superseding state

The “Save Our Salmon” initiative billed as a way to stop Pebble mine was struck down March 19 in state Superior Court when Judge John Suddock ruled the Lake and Peninsula Borough ordinance unconstitutionally preempts state control over natural resources management.

Coast Guard halts engagements after Russian annexation March Issue 5 2014

Coast Guard halts engagements after Russian annexation

JUNEAU — Political fallout from Russia’s military-backed annexation of the Crimean Peninsula has hit Alaska’s fisheries.

March Issue 5 2014

State: Pain meds contributing to workers’ comp costs

State officials and legislators are increasingly concerned with the over-prescription of opiates and other controlled substances for pain management in the workers’ compensation program.

March Issue 5 2014

House focus shifts to TransCanada role in LNG project

The House Resources Committee is continuing its review of a bill authorizing the state to participate financially in a large natural gas project.

March Issue 4 2014

Senate sends gasline bill to House

JUNEAU — The Alaska Senate passed Gov. Sean Parnell’s bill authorizing the state to invest in a large gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas project on March 18.

March Issue 4 2014

EDITORIAL: Lawsuit over denied ANWR plan is the right move

Gov. Sean Parnell has taken the next step in the long-running, slow-moving effort to tap the energy resources of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain, an area that Congress decades ago recognized as having high oil and gas potential.