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June Issue 2 2015

Walker pitches TransCanada buyout

Gov. Bill Walker is considering ending the state’s relationship with TransCanada Corp. in the big Alaska LNG Project and taking over a full 25 percent share of the project.

June Issue 2 2015

Citizens struggle to bridge budget gap at fiscal summit

FAIRBANKS — Using a sophisticated interactive computer model, 155 Alaskan citizens, all volunteers, worked mightily through a sunny Fairbanks weekend June 5 through 7 to close a gaping state fiscal deficit.

June Issue 1 2015

Walker seeks input to balance budget

Pick your poison: State income tax? State sales tax? A “cap” on Permanent Fund dividends? Draconian cuts to public services? A hike in oil taxes?

May Issue 5 2015

Bill would access CBR without Dems

The House Finance Committee introduced a bill May 26 that would put $6.4 billion from the Permanent Fund earnings reserve account into the Fund principal, putting it off limits to appropriation and triggering the means to draw from the Constitutional Budget Reserve with a simple majority vote to cover the fiscal year 2016 deficit.