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March Issue 5 2015

Caelus Energy sanctions development of Nuna

March Issue 4 2015

AGDC board adopts ‘to-do’ list for Walker’s state-led pipeline

There may still be uncertainties about Gov. Bill Walker’s expectations for a larger state-led gas pipeline, but the board of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. has adopted a cautious, step-by-step strategy for investigating an expanded project.

Key decisions due at end of March for Shell March Issue 4 2015

Key decisions due at end of March for Shell

A key federal decision is shaping up for Shell at the end of this month.

March Issue 3 2015

HB 132 hearings scheduled

Despite Gov. Bill Walker’s threat of a veto, House leaders are pushing ahead with a bill that would put sideboards on the governor’s plan to expand a state-led backup gas pipeline into a large project that could be seen as a competitor to the Alaska LNG Project, the industry-led gas project in which the state is also a 25 percent owner.