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April Issue 1 2012

Oil near $104 amid mixed global economic signs

Oil prices fell to near $104 a barrel Tuesday as traders eyed mixed signs about the strength of the global economy.

Health impact studies taking hold, with challenges April Issue 1 2012

Health impact studies taking hold, with challenges

While New York regulators have spent four years mulling the environmental impacts of shale gas development, the potential human health impacts have been given short shrift, according to health advocates.

April Issue 1 2012

Point Thomson settled, Slope producers align on LNG project

Gov. Sean Parnell announced Friday that the long-running Point Thomson litigation has been settled in an agreement featuring ironclad production requirements with North Slope producers, who also told the governor they have reached alignment on pursuing a major liquid natural gas pipeline to facilitate exports from Southcentral Alaska.

April Issue 1 2012

State extends Cook Inlet petroleum unit agreement

State petroleum lease regulators have extended the unit agreement for leases in a section of Cook Inlet.

April Issue 1 2012

Shell gets injunction for Arctic drill ships

A federal judge has ordered representatives of Greenpeace USA to stay a kilometer away from Shell Oil's drilling vessels destined for Arctic Ocean waters off Alaska's northern shores.

April Issue 1 2012

Independent explorers plan a busy drilling season for 2012

Independent companies are planning a busy 2012 drilling season in Cook Inlet, following up on discoveries made in 2011.

April Issue 1 2012

Senate works on oil taxes, but clock may run out

The state Senate is continuing its detailed review of state oil and gas taxes, but there are growing worries the clock will run out before any revision of the oil tax can be agreed upon.

April Issue 1 2012

Ketchikan federal buildings sets biomass precedent

It’s not unusual to find people or businesses looking for environmentally conscious modernizations in a place like Alaska, especially if one can save a few bucks. Government entities show they aren’t immune to these ideals either, as Alaska sets a national precedent in biomass power.

April Issue 1 2012

Desperate stories surround Alaska voucher plan

JUNEAU (AP) — A man living in Nunapitchuk was so sick of people stealing his heating oil, he put a bear trap next to his tank. The Hooper Bay city administrator says people have sawed off wood from unused, vacant public buildings to heat their homes. In Kotlik, a tribal council worker says nearly all community households are seeking low-income energy or emergency assistance.

March Issue 4 2012

Chinese firm surpasses Exxon in oil production

A big shift is happening in Big Oil: An American giant now ranks behind a Chinese upstart.