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January Issue 2 2013

EDITORIAL: Shell incident serious, but doesn’t deserve overreaction

On Jan. 5, while the Shell drill rig Kulluk was bobbing along the shores of Sitkalidak Island, a fuel leak inside a fish processing vessel triggered the bilge pump and sent 150 gallons of diesel fuel into Kodiak Harbor.

January Issue 1 2013

Inspections planned for Kulluk

Inspectors will descend upon a remote Kodiak Island bay to investigate whether a Royal Dutch Shell LLC drilling vessel will need repairs after spending nearly a week aground.

January Issue 1 2013

Oil down slightly, natural gas continues to drop

Oil prices are falling Tuesday as traders take their cue from U.S. stock markets, and investors await the start of the earnings season.

January Issue 1 2013

UPDATED: Kulluk reaches safe harbor

Shell’s drill vessel Kulluk is now in protected waters in Kiliuda Bay on the east side of Kodiak Island, according to the joint U.S. Coast Guard and Shell team managing the situation.

January Issue 1 2013

Shell, Coast Guard continue damage assessment on grounded Kulluk rig

In a situation report issued late Thursday the state Department of Environmental Conservation said a plan to move the Kulluk to a more protected area is being viewed by the Coast Guard and Shell, although it has not yet been approved.

January Issue 1 2013

Congress members seek investigation of Shell barge

Members of Congress are calling for an investigation of Royal Dutch Shell PLC's Arctic offshore drilling operations as salvagers develop plans to move a company drill ship off rocks near an Alaska island, where it ran aground in a fierce year end storm.

January Issue 1 2013

Inspection teams find some damage on grounded Shell rig, but no spill

Shell and U.S. Coast Guard officials are providing few details so far yet on how they might salvage Shell’s drill vessel Kulluk from the shore of a small island off Kodiak’s south coast, but said in a Thursday briefing that some damage to the vessel topside and electrical systems has been found by a team landed on the rig.

January Issue 1 2013

State energy audit shows potential savings

An energy audit of Alaska public facilities uncovered some of the most, and least, energy efficient buildings in the state.

January Issue 1 2013

Federal report: Delay made Yellowstone oil spill worse

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Delays in Exxon Mobil Corp.’s response to a major pipeline break beneath Montana’s Yellowstone River made an oil spill far worse than it otherwise would have been, federal regulators said in a new report.

Trains carrying more oil across US amid Midwest boom January Issue 1 2013

Trains carrying more oil across US amid Midwest boom

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Energy companies behind the oil boom on the Northern Plains are increasingly turning to an industrial-age workhorse — the locomotive — to move their crude to refineries across the U.S., as plans for new pipelines stall and existing lines can’t keep up with demand.