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September Issue 1 2012

Effort to obtain North Slope propane may have hit a dead end

The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission ruled Aug. 17 that the practice by Prudhoe Bay producers to inject propane that is part of natural gas produced with crude oil back into the underground reservoir does not constitute “waste.”

August Issue 4 2012

Shell drillship to be at Chukchi drill site late Friday

Shell’s drillship Noble Discoverer is expected to arrive at its Chukchi exploration drill site late Friday. A second Shell drill vessel, the Kuluk, will be near its Beaufort Sea prospect area Sept. 4, a company official said Thursday.

August Issue 4 2012

Shell gets OK for prep work in Chukchi

The U.S. Department of the Interior gave Shell Oil approval Thursday to do preparation work on an exploration site in the Chukchi Sea.

August Issue 4 2012

Ballot Measure 2 goes down by wide margin

The ballot proposition that would have reestablished a state coastal management program in Alaska was heavily defeated by voters in the state’s primary election held Aug. 28.

August Issue 4 2012

In Arctic, Greenpeace picks new fight with old foe

Global warming has ignited a rush to exploit Arctic resources — and Greenpeace is determined to thwart that stampede.

August Issue 4 2012

Second jack-up rig arrives in Cook Inlet

Australia-based Buccaneer Energy Ltd. said Monday that its jack-up rig Endeavour has arrived in Cook Inlet.

August Issue 4 2012

Warm Arctic sets record for summer sea ice melt

Critical ice in the Arctic Ocean melted to record low levels this sweltering summer and that can make weather more extreme far away from the poles, scientists say.

August Issue 4 2012

Gulf oil spill defenses facing a test with Isaac

Sand dunes and a rock barrier built to help contain the 2010 Gulf oil spill are being watched for their effectiveness in shielding this fragile coastline from Isaac.

August Issue 4 2012

Marathon, CINGSA resolve dispute over gas for winter storage

Marathon Oil and Cook Inlet Natural Gas Storage Alaska resolved a contract dispute that had threatened gas supplies for a new gas storage facility in Alaska, the companies announced late Friday.

August Issue 4 2012

Shell drillship Discoverer departs Dutch Harbor for Chukchi Sea

Shell’s drillship Noble Discoverer departed Dutch Harbor in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands over the weekend and is now en route to the Chukchi Sea, Shell spokesman Curtis Smith said.