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August Issue 2 2012

Murkowski: Consider Asia for Alaska natural gas

Alaska for years has envisioned a multi-billion dollar pipeline that could carry North Slope natural gas through Canada to Lower 48 customers, but the best hope for a market may be Japan or other Asia countries, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Wednesday.

August Issue 2 2012

Problems for oil containment barge at Bellingham

Minor oil spills have plagued construction of an oil spill containment barge Shell Oil is waiting for to drill exploratory wells in the Arctic Ocean off Alaska.

August Issue 2 2012

Salazar: Shell drilling delay due to barge problem

Shell Oil's delay in drilling Arctic Ocean exploratory wells off Alaska's northern shores is not due to heavy ice or federal regulators, according to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

August Issue 2 2012

Environmentalists warn of risks of Arctic drilling

Environmental activists warned Tuesday that drilling for oil in the Russian Arctic could have disastrous consequences because of a lack of technology and infrastructure to deal with a possible spill in a remote region with massive icebergs and heavy storms.

August Issue 2 2012

Murkowski slams NPR-A plan, conservation groups pleased

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced Aug. 13 he has chosen a preferred alternative for a land management plan for the 23-million-acre National Petroleum Reserve, although details of the plan remain sketchy.

August Issue 2 2012

Army Corps delays Point Thomson decision until November

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has delayed its record of decision and final approval of the environmental impact statement for the ExxonMobil-led Point Thomson gas cycling and condensate production project to at least Nov. 1.

TOTE will convert to LNG in deal with EPA on emissions August Issue 2 2012

TOTE will convert to LNG in deal with EPA on emissions

Totem Ocean Trailer Express Inc., or TOTE, will convert its two large ocean cargo vessels to use liquefied natural instead of conventional bunker fuel, the first such conversion for large general cargo vessels in the U.S. maritime industry.

August Issue 2 2012

Production keeps expanding at Fort Knox

The life of the big Fort Knox gold mine northeast of Fairbanks keeps getting extended as its owner and operator, Fairbanks Gold Mining Inc., finds ways to increase productivity at the mine by profitably extracting lower grades of ore.

Coast Guard tells senators it is ready for new Arctic role August Issue 2 2012

Coast Guard tells senators it is ready for new Arctic role

The Coast Guard is ready for expanded activity in Arctic waters, including petroleum exploration, Commandant Robert Papp told a U.S. Senate subcommittee Aug. 6, even though the nearest agency base is more than 750 miles southeast of the Bering Strait, on Kodiak Island.

August Issue 2 2012

Apache Corp. signs deal with CIRI to explore its lands

Apache Corp. has signed an agreement to explore 250,000 acres of onshore lands in the Cook Inlet basin owned by Cook Inlet Region Inc., an Anchorage-based Alaska Native corporation, Apache announced in a press release Aug. 6.