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November Issue 4 2012

Alaska high court rejects Alyeska appraisal claim

The Alaska Supreme Court has rejected claims by Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. that the state erred in its appraisal of right-of-way land leased for the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.

November Issue 4 2012

Trains delivering oil to Washington refineries

The oil boom in the Great Plains states is affecting refineries and a port in Washington.

November Issue 4 2012

Gov: Gas imports are ‘last resort’

Where Southcentral will get its energy in the near future was up for debate between the Anchorage mayor and the governor at the Resource Development Council’s annual conference.

November Issue 4 2012

Point Thomson construction expected to begin in January

ExxonMobil Corp. hasn’t officially given the green light on construction at the Point Thomson gas field 60 miles east of Prudhoe Bay — the company is still securing final permits, it says — but all indications are that the project is a go.

November Issue 4 2012

LNG project is linked to oil tax change, producers say

All three major North Slope producing companies say progress on a large natural gas pipeline and liquefied natural gas project is linked to reform of the state’s oil production tax, an issue that will be before the state Legislature again in its 2013 session.

November Issue 4 2012

Flint Hills files application, then backs off LNG trucking plan

Flint Hills Resources has filed plans to build a $184 million natural gas liquefaction plant at Prudhoe Bay with Alaska agencies, but has put the project on hold until sufficient customer demand is firmed up, a company spokesman said Nov. 19.

November Issue 4 2012

Apache, Buccaneer advance Cook Inlet exploration work

Apache Corp. has spudded its first Cook Inlet exploration well, the company’s top Alaska manager told the Resource Development Council’s annual conference Nov. 14.

November Issue 4 2012

BP will shelve North Slope heavy oil production test project

BP will close an experimental heavy oil production project on the North Slope and slow investment in other technically-challenged oil resources to refocus on shorter-term opportunities with small accumulations of conventional light crude oil, BP’s Alaska president, John Minge, told the Resource Development Council’s annual conference Nov. 14.

November Issue 4 2012

COMMENTARY: Tax Alaska oil according to product development

Republicans nationwide may be disappointed by the outcome of election night. But, if all politics is local, members of the Alaska GOP are poised to take advantage of their statewide party rally through serious oil tax reform in the next legislative session.

November Issue 3 2012

Backfire causes small fire aboard Shell drill ship

A small fire on board a Shell Oil drill ship in an Alaska port was quickly extinguished Friday.