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May Issue 1 2015

Judge extends TRO after hearing on Greenpeace injunction

Shell’s court battle to obtain a preliminary injunction against Greenpeace USA continued in U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason’s court in Anchorage April 28.

State-led gasline scores low on credibility April Issue 4 2015

State-led gasline scores low on credibility

Two consultants to the state Legislature have warned that Gov. Bill Walker’s quest for an expanded state-led natural gas pipeline could undermine the larger industry-led gas project in which the state is also a partner.

April Issue 4 2015

Interior Energy Project bill caught up in education fight

Legislation to broaden the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority’s purview to complete the Interior Energy Project was caught in a stalemate over education funding early April 22.

April Issue 4 2015

The Gulf: resilient but scarred 5 years after spill

April Issue 3 2015

Walker outlines gas pipeline plans in letter to lawmakers

JUNEAU — Gov. Bill Walker says he can do the engineering for a scale-up for a state-led natural gas pipeline for $85 million and have the work done within a year. That’s in time to have it ready in case the state’s industry partners in the larger Alaska LNG Project decided not to proceed to final engineering in 2016.

April Issue 3 2015

Interior Energy Project progress muddled in Legislature

The Interior Energy Project briefly took center stage in the state House when an Anchorage legislator’s proposals raised the ire of Interior leadership.