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Building Anchorage with a green vision May Issue 5 2015

Building Anchorage with a green vision

Anchorage was a dusty little town that essentially ended at 15th street when Vic Fischer arrived in 1950.

May Issue 5 2015

Bill would access CBR without Dems

The House Finance Committee introduced a bill May 26 that would put $6.4 billion from the Permanent Fund earnings reserve account into the Fund principal, putting it off limits to appropriation and triggering the means to draw from the Constitutional Budget Reserve with a simple majority vote to cover the fiscal year 2016 deficit.

May Issue 5 2015

Alaska members of council appeal recusals

​The North Pacific Fishery Management Council will spend the first four days of its weeklong meeting in Sitka beginning June 3 deciding on a series of deep cuts in the halibut bycatch allocation for the Bering Sea groundfish bottom-trawl fleet, but it may do so without a majority of the votes on the final decision coming from the Alaska delegation.

Trombley brings concierge practice to Anchorage May Issue 5 2015

Trombley brings concierge practice to Anchorage

​Dr. Dale Trombley, like a growing number of doctors, has found a way to cut his costs while providing what’s become an unfamiliar concept: a doctor who knows his patients.

May Issue 5 2015

CD-5 upheld, production to begin in December

In what is likely the final action in a lengthy environmental lawsuit against ConocoPhillips’ CD-5 project on the North Slope, U.S. District Court Judge Sharon Gleason denied the plaintiff’s final motion for a summary judgment to invalidate the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Record of Decision and permits for the project.