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Breaking News 2015

Regulatory board reviews proposed marijuana regulations

(AP) — Communities could opt-out or limit marijuana businesses much the same way they do alcohol under proposed regulations put forth by the state alcohol control board.

Breaking News 2015

1 in 4 US renters must use half their pay for housing costs

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than one in four U.S. renters have to use at least half their family income to pay for housing and utilities.

Breaking News 2015

House passes $35B bill for Energy Department, water projects

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans Friday passed the second of 12 spending bills for the upcoming budget year, a $35 billion measure funding the Energy Department and popular water projects constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Breaking News 2015

Warren Buffett says economy continues to improve steadily

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Investor Warren Buffett? says the economy continues to steadily improve, but the strong dollar has already hurt U.S. exports.

Breaking News 2015

Resolution passes allowing recess while committees meet

(AP) — The Alaska Legislature has passed a resolution authorizing lawmakers to recess until May 12 while the finance committees continue to meet.

Blogs 2015

NTSB releases documents in fatal Alaska crash investigation

(AP) — An Alaska commuter airline routinely failed to follow its own risk assessment plan in the days leading up to a crash that killed four people outside the village of St. Mary's, according to documents released Thursday by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Blogs 2015

House, Senate negotiators meet as extended session continues

(AP) — House and Senate negotiators have rejected negotiated pay increases for more than a dozen labor union contracts for the upcoming fiscal year.