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Divided Alaska House passes minimum wage bill Breaking News 2014

Divided Alaska House passes minimum wage bill

A divided Alaska House on Sunday voted to raise the state minimum wage, amid suspicions of lawmakers' motives.

Breaking News 2014

Parnell introduces pension plan

Gov. Sean Parnell has outlined his plan for addressing Alaska's nearly $12 billion unfunded pension obligation in bill form.

January Issue 1 2014

2014 Alaska Forecast: Gov, Senate stir political winds

August and November seem a long way off but the political winds will be stirring soon for the primary and general elections.

January Issue 1 2014

GUEST COMMENTARY: It is time to remove TransCanada from AGIA

Unfortunately, many Alaskans believe that the reform of ACES is the reason for all of the fiscal year 2015 budget deficit.

January Issue 1 2014

Arctic activity, tight funding for transportation in 2014

The coming year will likely see an ongoing discussion between the feds and the State of Alaska as to how an increasingly-active Arctic will be managed going forward.

January Issue 1 2014

Strong state economy will drive financial performance

Gov. Sean Parnell painted an optimistic portrayal of the state’s economy when he released his budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, although it contained major cuts that will impact public spending.

Breaking News 2014

Parnell decides against Medicaid expansion

Gov. Sean Parnell has decided against expanding Medicaid in Alaska, at least for now. The governor announced his decision late Friday morning while also releasing a consultant report identifying costs and benefits of an expansion.

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Begich supports letting people keep plans

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich has signed onto legislation that would allow individuals to keep their existing health insurance policies through 2015, but his spokeswoman, Heather Handyside, said Thursday he would like to see that concept made permanent.

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F-16s to stay at Eielson

Eielson’s F-16s are staying put.

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GUEST COMMENTARY: Alaska’s strong economy impacts ‘Alaska-hire’ zones of underemployment

The critical takeaway from my Aug. 16 determination is that Alaska’s economy is healthy.