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June Issue 2 2015

Citizens struggle to bridge budget gap at fiscal summit

FAIRBANKS — Using a sophisticated interactive computer model, 155 Alaskan citizens, all volunteers, worked mightily through a sunny Fairbanks weekend June 5 through 7 to close a gaping state fiscal deficit.

June Issue 1 2015

Walker seeks input to balance budget

Pick your poison: State income tax? State sales tax? A “cap” on Permanent Fund dividends? Draconian cuts to public services? A hike in oil taxes?

May Issue 5 2015

Bill would access CBR without Dems

The House Finance Committee introduced a bill May 26 that would put $6.4 billion from the Permanent Fund earnings reserve account into the Fund principal, putting it off limits to appropriation and triggering the means to draw from the Constitutional Budget Reserve with a simple majority vote to cover the fiscal year 2016 deficit.

May Issue 4 2015

Walker preps for partial shutdown

Gov. Bill Walker signed a partial state budget May 18, a move that could force the layoff of about 15,000 state employees and lead to a partial government shutdown if legislators can’t reach a budget deal.

May Issue 4 2015

Mumford tapped for Board of Fisheries

Gov. Bill Walker’s office announced on May 20 that Robert Mumford has been appointed to the vacant seat on the Alaska Board of Fisheries.

May Issue 4 2015

Gillis resigned over board appointment

Karen Gillis, Gov. Bill Walker’s former director of Boards and Commissions, resigned in protest of an appointment Walker’s office said never happened.