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December Issue 4 2013

Parnell cuts budget as prices drop

Gov. Sean Parnell revealed his $12.4 billion 2015 fiscal year state budget plan Dec. 12, which includes a $3 billion pension payment and significant cuts to spending.

December Issue 4 2013

AJOC EDITORIAL: Budget reflects Dems’ worst nightmare: reality

State Democrats should be thanking Gov. Sean Parnell after he released his proposal for the fiscal year 2015 budget.

December Issue 3 2013

State: Don’t blame revenue drop on SB 21

The oil tax law touted as guaranteeing Alaska a bigger slice of the profits pie when oil prices rise may well have boomeranged.

December Issue 3 2013

Cuts to Tongass Nat’l Forest rec budget force cabin closings

Shrinking budgets are forcing officials at Alaska’s national forests to reevaluate their recreation programs.

December Issue 3 2013

EDITORIAL: Shoring up pension liabilities is right move for state budget

Alaska is on an unsustainable financial track if it doesn’t adjust its spending and liabilities.

December Issue 3 2013

GUEST COMMENTARY: HB 77: The governor’s giveaway you haven’t heard of

Gov. Sean Parnell is attempting a giveaway you may not hear about until it is too late.

December Issue 3 2013

State forecasts major drop in revenues, oil production

The state Department of Revenue released the fall 2013 state revenue estimates Dec. 4 and predicted a $2 billion decline in state unrestricted general fund revenues in fiscal year 2014, the current budget year.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Parnell decision hurts Alaskan women, costs state millions December Issue 1 2013

GUEST COMMENTARY: Parnell decision hurts Alaskan women, costs state millions

Gov. Sean Parnell’s decision not to expand Medicaid and not accept millions of federal dollars to pay for it is shortsighted.

November Issue 4 2013

GUEST COMMENTARY: Politics trumps good policy

No Alaskan should be without affordable, accessible health care. But last week Gov. Sean Parnell made a calculated political decision to reject calls for Medicaid expansion — hurting roughly 41,000 Alaskans who will remain without affordable, quality health care

November Issue 4 2013

Superior Court: Alaska redistricting plan passes muster

JUNEAU (AP) — A state court judge accepted Alaska’s latest redistricting plan Nov. 18, saying the newly redrawn political boundaries meet constitutional standards.