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April Issue 3 2013

State, DOE partner on unconventional resources

Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy signed an agreement Tuesday to work together on unconventional oil and gas resources in Alaska’s Arctic.

April Issue 2 2013

Sport group sinks Gov’s Board of Fisheries nomination

Following an intense lobbying campaign by the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, Anchorage and upper Railbelt Republicans led the legislature’s rejection of the reappointment of two-term Board of Fisheries member Claude “Vince” Webster on April 8.

April Issue 2 2013

House passes LNG trucking bill

The state House has passed legislation meant to help bring gas to parts of Interior Alaska.

Oil tax change faces tight schedule in final week of session April Issue 2 2013

Oil tax change faces tight schedule in final week of session

State House leaders worked to get a Senate-passed bill revamping the state’s oil production tax back to the other body, but senators face a tight schedule to review the House changes before lawmakers shut down the 2013 session on April 15.

April Issue 2 2013

Native lands decision could have major implications

The 3rd District U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., has nullified a Department of the Interior regulation prohibiting the Secretary from approving lands taken into trust by Alaska Tribal groups.

April Issue 2 2013

Tempo quickens in Juneau as session nears April 15 end

The tempo has quickened in the state capitol as the Legislature enters its final days in session. Some bills introduced just days ago are flashing through the House and Senate, although last-minute speed bumps always develop.

April Issue 2 2013

EDITORIAL: Scapegoating Webster is a setback for Cook Inlet

Not that relations between commercial and sport stakeholders in Cook Inlet weren’t frosty prior to the vote, but the campaign waged against Bristol Bay setnetter Webster by the Kenai River Sportfishing Association is yet another chill to any hope of thawing the perpetual conflict now exacerbated by low returns of Kenai River kings.

April Issue 2 2013

Inlet fish war leads to failure for anti-bycatch resolution

What was supposed to be a two-fisted verbal whack at trawler bycatch of Alaska chinook salmon had one hand tied behind its back when a House resolution aimed at federal managers fell victim to the Cook Inlet salmon war.

April Issue 2 2013

State commission mulls tough fracking regs

Alaska’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission held two days of hearings April 4 and 5 on proposed new regulations on hydraulic fracturing.

April Issue 2 2013

Amended permitting bill advances

A state senator on April 8 questioned the judgment of a Senate Finance Committee co-chair in advancing an amended version of a state permitting bill.