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August Issue 4 2013

CDQ group battles delegation over quota

Alaska’s Congressional delegation is reluctant to talk about changes in the new Magnuson-Stevens Act until they’ve heard more from the state, but one thing is certain: they have no intention of changing the Community Development Quota allocations in the Bering Sea.

August Issue 3 2013

GUEST COMMENTARY: Alaska made right call on Obamacare exchanges

As governor of Alaska, I have a responsibility to carefully review federal policies and consider how they will impact the 49th state.

Denied: Interior rejects state application for ANWR work August Issue 1 2013

Denied: Interior rejects state application for ANWR work

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has rejected an application by the state to conduct winter seismic exploration in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

August Issue 1 2013

AJOC EDITORIAL: Mythbusting the halibut split … and the federal ANWR argument

Pick an acronym, CSP or ANWR, and it’s DVAOA.

Citizens petition for voter referendum on oil tax change July Issue 3 2013

Citizens petition for voter referendum on oil tax change

A citizen group dissatisfied with the Legislature’s action to reduce oil taxes earlier this year handed petitions with 50,000 signatures to state election officials July 13 calling for a voter referendum to repeal the law.

July Issue 3 2013

New plan returns many lawmakers to familiar territory

Freed of the federal requirement to protect rural Alaska legislative districts, the Alaska Redistricting Board has proposed a new and redrawn set of boundaries that is now back before a state judge for review.

July Issue 1 2013

AJOC EDITORIAL: Dems want to have it both ways in attacks on Treadwell

In contending that they are not accusing anyone of being a bigot, the Democrats are trying to have it both ways. They allege Treadwell and Gov. Sean Parnell are “systematically” going after Natives’ rights, but don’t want to be charged with playing slimy racial politics while they do so.

July Issue 1 2013

EDITORIAL: Motives don’t matter in Treadwell’s record on voting rights

In an editorial dated June 27, (Journal managing editor) Andrew Jensen criticized the Alaska Democratic Party for a press release entitled “Treadwell praises Supreme Court attack on voting rights.”

June Issue 5 2013

AJOC EDITORIAL: Dems play race card in first attacks on Treadwell

It could be an ugly race for U.S. Senate in Alaska if the first attacks on Republican Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell are any indication.

Dems on offense over Obamacare June Issue 4 2013

Dems on offense over Obamacare

Far from reversing course, Senate Democrats who backed President Barack Obama’s health care law and now face re-election in GOP-leaning states are reinforcing their support for the overhaul even as Republicans intensify their criticism.