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January Issue 3 2014

Fish funding, bills await Legislature as session convenes

The Alaska State Legislature will be tasked with discussing several fisheries issues when it resumes its work in Juneau Jan. 21.

January Issue 3 2014

Scallop regs OK’d; increase to rockfish bag limit rejected

KODIAK — With a unanimous vote, the Alaska Board of Fish has taken a step toward fixing a fisheries problem caused by the Alaska Legislature.

January Issue 3 2014

Legislators briefed on lawsuit challenging state salmon management

A joint House and Senate finance subcommittee met Jan. 14 to hear a report on a lawsuit filed against the National Marine Fisheries Service by two Cook Inlet commercial fishing entities.

January Issue 2 2014

Spending in focus as revenue dips

If Sen. Hollis French has his way, the convening of the Legislature Jan. 21 will be day one of the campaign to repeal the oil tax reform bill that passed last year.

Breaking News 2014

Walker pares capital budget to minimum

Report: Alaska has largest voting-age Native population in US Breaking News 2014

Report: Alaska has largest voting-age Native population in US

When it comes to the voting power of Native populations in the U.S., Alaska comes out on top.