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November Issue 3 2012

Commentary: Back to the Capitol — what awaits?

The Legislature begins its return to the Capitol soon — and although the landscape has changed many of the key players have only changed committee positions. The clear result of the election, however, is that backers of Gov. Sean Parnell’s policies are in the driver’s seat.

November Issue 2 2012

French, Thomas cling to narrow leads as count continues

The ballot counting continued in some legislative races Nov. 13, one week after results from most House and Senate districts put Republicans in charge of both houses.

November Issue 2 2012

Begich eyeing changes to gas pipeline bill

Sen. Mark Begich plans to propose changes to a 2004 law that provides incentives for an Alaska natural gas pipeline project.

November Issue 2 2012

Olson joins GOP-led majority in Senate

Another Democrat has joined the Senate's Republican-led majority. Sen. Donny Olson of Nome will remain a member of the powerful Senate Finance Committee.

November Issue 2 2012

Interior voters dismantle Senate majority

Fairbanks voters saw to it that the Senate Bipartisan Working Group would not survive the 2012 election.

GOP holds House, tallies not yet settled in some races November Issue 2 2012

GOP holds House, tallies not yet settled in some races

A mix of old and new faces will be headed to Juneau in January — but in some House races, candidates are waiting for absentee ballots to be counted before they pack their bags.

November Issue 1 2012

GOP claims control of Alaska Senate

Republicans on Wednesday wasted no time in claiming control of the Alaska Senate, one day after winning a majority of seats in the chamber.

November Issue 1 2012

Senate balance of power at stake in election

Voters on Tuesday will decide legislative races that will help determine the makeup of the Alaska Senate.

November Issue 1 2012

Key state legislative contests highly volatile as races go down to the wire

Outcomes of key state House and Senate races are highly uncertain in the final days of Alaska’s general election, and Democrats are raising and spending more money in the heated final weeks leading up to Nov. 6.

November Issue 1 2012

Editorial: Sit, Hollis! Bad senator!

A recent campaign ad run by state Sen. Hollis French comparing oil companies to his dog pretty much sums up everything that’s been wrong with the discussion over reforming Alaska’s oil taxes for the last two years.