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June Issue 2 2014

After filing deadline, 12 incumbents to run unopposed

Alaskans love to complain about their politicians, but when push comes to shove, at election time, there aren’t a lot of people willing to step up to replace them.

May Issue 4 2014

State officials target mid-2015 for workers’ comp changes

A new method of paying medical fees for injured workers under the state workers’ compensation program won’t be in place until mid-2015, and it will take more time for insurance companies to judge any effects on lowering costs so that adjustments can be made in premiums paid by employers.

Compromise splits school funding increase May Issue 3 2014

Compromise splits school funding increase

Disagreements over school funding brought the Legislature to a boil in its closing hours and extended the session by five days beyond its normal 90-day adjournment deadline.

May Issue 2 2014

ISER backs Revenue on tax impact

Scott Goldsmith, the University of Alaska’s venerated senior economist, has stepped into the political snake pit of the oil tax repeal debate.