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Consultant: Oil tax plan gives money back April Issue 3 2012

Consultant: Oil tax plan gives money back

Gov. Sean Parnell's oil tax plan takes an approach that winds up giving oil companies "quite a lot" of money for projects that are economic today, a consultant told lawmakers Monday.

April Issue 3 2012

Senate to vote on measure to nullify union rules

Senate Republicans are trying an unusual tactic to nullify new labor regulations that would speed up the time frame for unions to hold workplace elections.

Aging workforce strains Social Security, Medicare April Issue 3 2012

Aging workforce strains Social Security, Medicare

An aging population and an economy that has been slow to rebound are straining the long-term finances of Social Security and Medicare, the government's two largest benefit programs.

Nonpartisan gov't auditors rebuke Medicare bonuses April Issue 3 2012

Nonpartisan gov't auditors rebuke Medicare bonuses

In a blow to the Obama administration on Medicare, government auditors Monday called for the cancellation of a costly bonus program for private health plans that congressional Republicans have criticized as a wasteful political ploy.

April Issue 3 2012

Legislature passes human, sex trafficking bill

Alaska lawmakers have unanimously passed a bill stiffening penalties for sex trafficking, removing the label of "prostitute" from victims and changing court procedures as an effort to expedite justice and make the process easier on victims.

April Issue 3 2012

Mommy Wars give way to Doggy Wars in Twitterverse

So let's get all the puns out of the way, shall we? It's the issue with legs — four of them.

April Issue 3 2012

Parnell submits opening proposal on oil taxes for special session

With the special session of the state Legislature under way at 1 p,m. Wednesday, Gov. Sean Parnell transmitted legislation to change Alaska's oil tax regime to foster new production and encourage further development of current sources to stem the decline in North Slope production.

April Issue 3 2012

Obama and Romney on energy, environmental issues

A look at where President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stand on energy and environmental issues.

April Issue 3 2012

Obama wants to target oil market manipulation

President Barack Obama pushed Congress Tuesday to give oil market regulators more muscle to deter price manipulation by speculators, the latest White House response to determined Republican attacks on administration energy policies amid high gas prices at the pump.

April Issue 3 2012

Senate seeks ways to save ailing US Postal Service

With big postal cuts looming, the Senate is deciding whether to stabilize the ailing U.S. Postal Service with a short-term cash infusion while delaying most decisions on closing post offices and ending Saturday mail delivery by requiring further review.