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April Issue 1 2012

EDITORIAL: Report reveals big flaws in Stevens prosecution

The misconduct of the federal prosecutors who withheld justice from the late Sen. Ted Stevens is on full display in the 514-page report released March 15 by a federal court.

Loss of insurance mandate wouldn’t kill health law April Issue 1 2012

Loss of insurance mandate wouldn’t kill health law

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s health care law would not automatically collapse if the Supreme Court strikes down the unpopular requirement that most Americans carry medical insurance or face a penalty.

March Issue 4 2012

Counsel: Prosecutors overzealous in Stevens case

A special counsel testified Wednesday that overzealous U.S. prosecutors were so intent on winning a corruption case against the late Sen. Ted Stevens that they intentionally withheld information they were obligated to give the defense.

Parnell addresses oil tax rally March Issue 4 2012

Parnell addresses oil tax rally

Gov. Sean Parnell vowed Wednesday that he would not accept a bill that cuts oil taxes but doesn't elicit pledges of new investment.

March Issue 4 2012

American fishermen rally in DC as industry struggles

BOSTON (AP) — Fishermen from California to New England rallied for their struggling industry in Washington with an election year message for Congress: helping the fishing industry will save jobs.

March Issue 4 2012

Committee considering $9.5B operating budget

The Senate Finance Committee is considering a state operating budget that's virtually the same size as the bill that passed the House but also makes some marked changes.

March Issue 4 2012

Alaska Redistricting Board opening hearings on map

The Alaska Redistricting Board on Monday began a series of meetings to redraw the state's political boundaries.

March Issue 4 2012

Education funding taking center stage in House

The House Finance Committee is beginning to delve into one of the biggest unresolved issues of the legislative session this week: education funding.

March Issue 4 2012

Lawmaker seeks end to food safety regulations

A North Pole legislator wants to get rid of state safety regulations for food sold by Alaska producers directly to consumers.

How health care case will unfold before the court March Issue 4 2012

How health care case will unfold before the court

The Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments on Monday over President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, derisively labeled "Obamacare" by its opponents.