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July Issue 4 2014

Judge rules in favor of setnet ban ballot initiative

Voters could to be asked to decide whether to ban setnets in certain parts of Alaska under a court decision made today in Anchorage.

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Forest Service plans to close 10 low-use cabins

The U.S. Forest Service is closing 10 low-use public recreation cabins within the Tongass National Forest, citing budget constraints.

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US sanctions target key Russia economic sectors

The United States hit Russia Friday with a new round of economic sanctions, levying penalties on Russia's largest bank and expanding financing restrictions on major energy and defense companies.

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Olive Garden investor: Back off on the breadsticks

Maybe there is such a thing as too many breadsticks.

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US budget deficit dips to $128.7 billion in August

The federal government ran a lower budget deficit this August than a year ago, remaining on track to record the lowest deficit for the entire year since 2008.

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House, Senate debate measures just to make points

On both ends of the Capitol, the parties controlling Congress are happily showcasing futility.

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Feds tighten rules on workplace death reporting

The federal government on Thursday moved to tighten its rules on the reporting of workplace deaths and severe injuries, declaring that employers beginning Jan. 1 must report any fatalities within eight hours of the accident or incident.

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Pension shortfall projected at $8.7B at year's end

The state is projecting to end the fiscal year with an $8.7 billion pension shortfall.

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Juneau foundation recieves $48M donation

The sale of Juneau’s local power company to a Washington-based company will provide the Juneau Community Foundation with approximately $48 million, thanks to the generosity of Alaska Electric Light & Power Owner and former President Bill Corbus and his wife, Katie.

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Modeling issues delay Fairbanks air cleanup plan

A state plan for cleaning up winter air in Fairbanks is due in December but has been held up as regulators struggle with modeling to determine if the plan will be effective.