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Dena’ina roots still run deep in Southcentral Alaska

Cook’s exploration left lasting impression on Alaska

Anchorage marks a hundred years, a hundred languages

Anchorage’s port of necessity

The drive along the lower Kenai Peninsula affords views few places can offer: snow-capped and active volcanoes rise above blue, fishing boat-dotted water like a defensive line collapsing on a third-string quarterback.

Anchorage & aviation: Flying through time

“Owning a Widgeon, living in Anchorage and flying in Alaska, there’s just nothing left. You just can’t get any better than that,” said George Pappas in his deliberate cadence, with the hint of a grin showing through.

Building Anchorage with a green vision

Anchorage was a dusty little town that essentially ended at 15th street when Vic Fischer arrived in 1950.

Exporting defense powered expansion

“He who holds Alaska will hold the world,” Brigadier General William Mitchell told the House Military Affairs Committee in 1935.

Oil: The business that built Anchorage, and almost broke it

Oil has made Anchorage what it is today, but it has been a wild and rocky ride at times.
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Bulletin 6/28/15

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Pirates Knik Little League majors champs

The Knik Little League majors baseball title was decided without the need for an “if necessary” game, with the Pirates defeating the Mariners, 10-3, on June 26 at Lions Park.


Next-gen fighter technologies tested during exercise

Next-gen fighter technologies tested during exercise

The past meets the future when a distinctive looking aircraft with the nose and electronics of an F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter and the body of a 1960’s passenger jet participates in one of the U.S. military’s largest electronic warfare exercises.


Container gardening offers farming flexibility

Container gardening offers farming flexibility

There’s an old saying among farmers in the Lower 48, that when corn is “knee-high by the Fourth of July,” it guaranties a plentiful harvest. Of course, that applies to large fields and garden plots located in the Lower 48. Getting corn to grow tall enough to yield a respectably-sized corn-on-the-cob in Alaska is a challenge. Corn doesn’t love Alaska’s cooler summer temperatures.

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Bear Paw Preview: Highlights and Sneak Peeks

Bear Paw Preview: Highlights and Sneak Peeks

Let’s face it: everything at Bear Paw is awesome. Little girls in tutus dancing to hip-hop on the main stage, while nearby on the park grass Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson military personnel demonstrate how to take down a (pretend) terrorist to enthusiastic onlookers, and delighted kid screams erupt from the carnival: that’s awesome. Kids in ninja outfits doing stunts in town square to hard dance electronica, while families splash through water pouring from a hose atop a firetruck ladder in the street, and the smell of vendor booth food wafts through the air: also awesome. It’s going to be an awesome Bear Paw, and if you want to get the most out of it, dear readers, we at the Star highly encourage you to embrace it.




Alaska Permanent Fund Market Value
unaudited, as of Jan 12, 2012
US Bonds $6,030,500,000
US Stocks $6,224,400,000
Non US Stocks $7,151,500,000
Global Stocks $4,631,700,000
Non US Bonds $1,364,200,000
Real Estate $4,125,300,000
Cash $935,100,000
Alternatives $5,857,000,000
Real Return/External CIO $2,810,200,000
TOTAL $39,129,900,000
source: Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
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