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Exporting defense powered expansion

“He who holds Alaska will hold the world,” Brigadier General William Mitchell told the House Military Affairs Committee in 1935.

Oil: The business that built Anchorage, and almost broke it

Oil has made Anchorage what it is today, but it has been a wild and rocky ride at times.

Anchorage, railroad have ties that bind

The Alaska Railroad is the tie that binds the state together. It is the reason for Anchorage. It exemplifies Alaska.

Alaska Native Regional corporation round-up

Filmmaker: ‘Anchorage Is …’ opportunity

Todd Hardesty sweats the small stuff. That, he argues, is what really shows a city’s character.

Bringing 100 years of Anchorage to life

The task: tell the century-long story of Anchorage in 124 pages. The man to do it: 50-year Anchorage resident Charles Wohlforth.

Japanese group to perform ‘Samurai Musher’ around state

Sustainability dispute in past, Walmart launches ‘The Alaskan’

Walmart announced on Jan. 28 the launch of an in-store brand, The Alaskan, for sale in every Alaska Walmart Supercenter and 20 Washington stores, as well as a 14 additional products of wild Alaskan cod, salmon, rockfish, sole, and crab to its general stock. The new items are on shelves just a couple years after Alaska seafood in Walmart stores was in jeopardy following a company plan to only stock seafood products carrying the Marine Stewardship Council certification for sustainability.
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Bulletin 5/24/15

Bulletin 5/17/15

Bulletin 4/26/15

Bulletin 4/19/15

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House bill would access CBR by putting Permanent Fund earnings off limits


House Finance introduces budget bill after majorities call own special session


Legislature adjourns, convenes new session in Anchorage over minority objections


Gruening Middle School students speak out on issues of concern

This year, we received several form letters from Gruening Middle School eighth-grade students about what topics they had chosen for a Project Citizen assignment in their social studies class. Each started with a similar-sounding introduction, before going on to discuss what each student chose and why the topic is important.

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A Chugiak legend

A Chugiak legend

She wore a yellow scarf. Ella, slender, beautiful brown-haired Ella, riding a bicycle through Chugiak’s main street with two friends, riding all the way from Canada because ever since she was a school girl in Sweden, she had wanted to go to Alaska.

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Alaska Permanent Fund Market Value
unaudited, as of Jan 12, 2012
US Bonds $6,030,500,000
US Stocks $6,224,400,000
Non US Stocks $7,151,500,000
Global Stocks $4,631,700,000
Non US Bonds $1,364,200,000
Real Estate $4,125,300,000
Cash $935,100,000
Alternatives $5,857,000,000
Real Return/External CIO $2,810,200,000
TOTAL $39,129,900,000
source: Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
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