Coulter talks campaign, crisis and Comedy Central at Anchorage event

  • Ann Coulter, left, appeared on Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Egan Center in Anchorage. Here she speaks with Stephanie Prokop of the Alaska Journal, right, while an attendee looks on. (Photo / AJOC)

Ann Coulter, a best-selling author and potential powder keg, depending on which side of the political aisle one sits on, had an entire audience on their feet when she spoke Sept. 17 at the Egan Center in Downtown Anchorage.

Comedian Glenner Anderson flew down from Fairbanks to warm up the crowd with homegrown humor, and received an equally enthusiastic response. Sen. Lesil McGuire, who hosted the evening, suggested that Anderson should run the next Comedy Central roast, as the highly publicized Rob Lowe episode that aired recently - in which Coulter was a guest roaster - was a “despicable disgrace.”

After a brief speech by Alaska Trump Campaign Chair Jim Crawford, Coulter took the stage and dove into a variety of topics from current events to the firebrand presidential election and the likelihood that the United States is toast should Donald Trump lose to Hillary Clinton this November.

Regarding Trump and Clinton

Before June 2015, Coulter did not know anything about Trump, and once the campaign progressed, wondered, “Why couldn’t it be someone elegant and well spoken, like Mitt Romney? But as soon as that thought enters your head, you realize, that is a creature that does not exist in nature. Romney could not have survived 30 seconds of the abuse…I can’t believe the attacks Trump has come under.”

Trump, who does say “stupid things” at times, does not fall into identity politics, shoots from the hip and speaks to the entire working class, she said. He is “the only hope we had in a long time,” and wants to put America first, “whereas our betters in Washington want to put our country in the Top 10, maybe the Top 20.”

On the other hand, if Clinton wins, she said, there will be nine Ruth Bader Ginsbergs on the Supreme Court and tens of millions of illegal immigrants will be granted amnesty changing the political landscape forever. Liberals, however, will probably start loving America because it’s not America anymore, she said.

Regarding Immigration

While taking a trolley tour during her time here in Anchorage, Coulter was somewhat shocked to learn that 94 different languages are spoken in local schools. “I would say 20 years ago, even Democrats would say that’s insane.” How do people communicate with one another, how is there money for school pageants and textbooks, when funds have to go to English as a Second Language classes? she asked.

Unless immigration policies are dramatically changed, the country will turn into the Tower of Babel where Americans are being outvoted by foreigners, she said.

Regarding the Media

Coulter lambasted the mainstream media for controlling the narrative, citing various personalities and several outlets including a prominent local newspaper. It would be better to buy a V-chip than watch cable news, and better to cancel that subscription, she said. The elites, beside themselves with rage, are trying to destroy Trump, and rarely are they interested in what she has to say, unless it’s criticism of her candidate.

“Also, the absolute hysteria on the left, I don’t know if any of you like to hate-watch TV like I did, but I noticed all of the hosts’ voices are getting several octaves higher. I don’t think this is confidence that their gal, the pouty pantsuit, is about to win in a landslide.”

Regarding Republicans and Democrats

Both parties are for the DREAM Act, what Coulter referred to as ‘Leave No Child Behind in Central America,’ and both parties are for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that “will take any job that has not been shipped to Mexico and send it to Asia.” 

So Republicans have not been much better than the Democrats, she said. “I didn’t realize it until Trump came along. I suppose I was naïve. I thought my party did care about the middle class.”

Also, the RNC and consultant class have been forcing Republican political candidates to take suicidal positions forever, she said. Now, this election is the elite against the people.

“For years now, when Republicans would win an election, that didn’t mean you win. No, your kid is still boxed out of college by affirmative action for immigrants, and your job is still outsourced. You still have to train foreign workers taking your job. And your community will still be flooded by illegal immigrants bringing in crime and drugs. That is what a ‘win’ looks like for the Republican party.”

Regarding that Comedy Central Roast Thing

“I got to advertise my book. Second, now that I have demonstrated to the left what it is like not to be a delicate snowflake who gets upset by words, I can say ANYTHING. No more weeping and fainting when I say ‘illegal aliens.’”

Stephanie Prokop can be reached at [email protected]

11/06/2016 - 9:57am